Mike Gallagher

As angry as Kennedy was with me, I decided not to remind him of his well-publicized opposition to wind-powered turbines near the Kennedy compound at Cape Cod, Massachusetts because it would spoil the view.

I really thought he might become unhinged.

This week on my radio show, I interviewed Drew Johnson of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. It seems Mr. Johnson and his organization decided to do a little digging into the emperor of the global warming crowd, Tennessee's own Al Gore.

The leftist world has thrown countless rose petals at the feet of the failed presidential candidate over his relentless and aggravating campaign to scare everyone into thinking the planet is about to explode any day now into a big ball of fire because of our SUV's and double-plied toilet paper.

But the award-winning former vice-president was busted over the energy-guzzling mansion he lives in with his wife, Tipper in the Nashville area. Perhaps you remember seeing the internet sensation, "A Tale of Two Houses." One house, a modest ranch-style home, featured tons of energy-efficient features and cutting edge technology; the other, just a nice, big, ordinary mansion that soaked up electricity like a sponge does with water. The punchline? The modest, energy-smart ranch is owned by President Bush in Crawford, Texas. The energy-obnoxious mansion is owned by one Albert Gore of Nashville, Tennessee.

So what's the grand poo-bah of the "planet-in-peril" crowd to do? Clearly embarrassed by "A Tale of Two Houses", Gore spent a bunch of money installing solar panels, a geothermal system, new windows, and other supposedly efficient measures.

A year after he made the eco-friendly changes, Drew Johnson and his group decided to check out the Gore household electric bill. Their findings: in the year AFTER all these fancy changes were made, the Gores actually consumed 10% more energy than before. They pay thousands and thousands of dollars a year on their electric bill, enough to power hundreds of average American houses.

The rank hypocrisy of the global warming fanatics is simply galling.

I suggested that the Tennessee Center for Policy Research should commit to a new project: tracking just how many trips Gore has taken on big, fat, energy-guzzling private jets in order to give speeches for which he pulls down 100 thousand dollars -- or more -- a pop.

You see, there is simply no defending the preferred mode of travel for many of the celebrity crazies who lecture us about carbon credits. Do you think these folks are willing to give up their mansions and private jets in order to "save the planet?"

It's not going to happen.

I've come to the conclusion that many of these people are mentally ill. They won't accept any rational opposition, scientific or otherwise, that refutes the global warming theory. Drew Johnson reported that after his organization first revealed Al Gore's electric bill to the general public, his group received a number of death threats. Their computers were hacked. Phoned obscenities were common.

I guess violence, vandalism, and profanity go hand-in-hand with the type of people who brag about driving around in a go-cart that they plug into their garage every night.

Sen. John McCain is obviously correct in calling for off-shore drilling, harnessing nuclear power, and abolishing the federal gas tax. Sen. Barack Obama is obviously wrong in opposing off-shore drilling, nuclear power, and, like any good liberal, loves the federal gas tax.

Could this presidential election really be up for grabs?

Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher is a nationally syndicated radio host, Fox News Channel contributor and guest host and author of 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate.