Mike Gallagher

One would think that Mr. Tough Guy, the creep who routinely trashes people with his “Worst Person in the World” awards, would have at least a little initiative and maybe enough of a dose of reality to say, “Um, Chris, not exactly true, it’s not 8 o’clock, it’s 7:30 and the polls will be open for another half hour.”

Maybe he could have kicked Mathews under the desk.  Or thrown a glass of water at him.



But no, not a peep out of Edward R. Murrow, Jr.  Just a grimace and a deer-in-the-headlights stare into the camera.

And the other thing that makes me chuckle is to consider what would have happened if one of the Fox News anchors made such a blunder.  Democrats would be running through the streets screaming, “Disenfranchisement! Disenfranchisement!” faster than Bill Clinton rushes into a gaggle of beauty queen contestants at a county fair.

Maybe it’s not easy for Chris Mathews to tell time while he’s in the middle of a broadcast that is, well, reporting on the time of day and covering when the polls in a pivotal primary will be closing.  Remember, this is the same man who described getting a “thrill up (his) leg” whenever Barack Obama speaks.  Perhaps he was thinking about when he’d get the chance to toss to Obama’s concession speech that night and he had thrills going up and down both legs at the same time.

The other example of an audacious deception this week from an Obamaniac came from portly propagandist Michael Moore.

Now that Moore isn’t making movies smearing our troops or Columbine shooting victims, he has plenty of time to write opinions on his website, www.michaelmoore.com.

On the eve of this week’s Pennsylvania primary, he wrote another piece extolling the virtues of his hero, Sen. Obama.  Moore has all the subtlety and nuance of a sledgehammer.

Forget trying a sleazy little tactic like pretending the polls are closed a half hour before they are.   Moore does a giant cannonball into the deep end of the bald-faced liar pool by writing one heck of a whopper.

“Finally, I want to say a word about the basic decency I have seen in Mr. Obama” Moore writes in his dopey ‘Mike’s Letter’ section.  “Mrs. Clinton continues to throw the Rev. Wright up in his face as part of her mission to keep stoking the fears of White America. Every time she does this I shout at the TV, "Say it, Obama! Say that when she and her husband were having marital difficulties regarding Monica Lewinsky, who did she and Bill bring to the White House for 'spiritual counseling?' THE REVEREND JEREMIAH WRIGHT!”

Say what???

No one, I repeat, no one has ever suggested, reported, or heard that the Clintons called on this racist hatemonger for spiritual or marital counseling.  Surely a guy like Michael Moore, even as big a doofus as he is, understands that simply seeing a photo in the New York Times of President Clinton and Rev. Wright hardly constitutes an intimate marriage counseling session.  A president poses for hundreds of such photographs every week. 

So we’re left with one of two possibilities.  During the Lewinsky/impeachment scandal, it was widely reported that the Clintons reached out to Rev. Jesse Jackson for spiritual guidance.  Could Michael Moore actually be confusing two black activist preachers?  Is it possible that the pride of Flint, Michigan can’t tell two black pastors apart?

Not a very pretty picture, Michael, you rotund rabble-rouser.  The NAACP would not be very happy to hear that.

So presuming that he has never claimed that he has a hard time telling black folks apart, we’re left with only one other option:  he is so desperate for Barack that he just blatantly lied on the eve of the primary, pathetically hoping to sway last minute voters Obama’s way.

Again, imagine a conservative pundit or filmmaker making a claim like this one that is so patently untrue – and having that lie ignored by the mainstream press.

As expected, the media has pretty much ignored the shenanigans of a couple of Obama lap dogs like Chris Mathews and Michael Moore.

That’s because they’re in the tank for Sen. Obama.

Watch that tank explode if Hillary manages to wrestle away the nomination this summer.

Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher is a nationally syndicated radio host, Fox News Channel contributor and guest host and author of 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate.