Mike Gallagher

This week on my radio show, I announced a fundraising effort to help this brave family. My foundation, “Gallagher’s Army” (501c3), is going to send Monica and the three children to the happiest place on earth. I know there’s a legal defense fund being established and I realize there are serious times ahead. But I believe that we can give these children and their mother a few days of happiness, a way to escape the nightmare they’re in by visiting what I consider to be one of the most family-friendly places in the world to experience.

The excitement of helping them is contagious. In the middle of my talk show today, my producer took a call from Houston Astros Manager Phil Garner. He was listening to the radio and wanted to support the family, too. He explained that the Astros hold spring training in Kissimmee, Florida which is near Disney World. He invited us to bring the Ramo family over to the Astros training camp where they can get the red carpet treatment from this compassionate major league baseball manager and his team.

The Houston Astros are now officially my favorite Major League Baseball team.

If you agree with me about the family’s plight, I truly hope you’ll help. Every penny we raise will pay for the Disney World trip for the Ramos family. If our efforts are beyond expectations, any monies left over will go towards helping the family of the other border patrol agent who is imprisoned. And if there’s still money left over, we’ll offer it to the families directly in order to help them through these difficult and awful times, either with living expenses or their legal defense fund.

Please take a moment and go to my foundation website,

www.gallaghersarmy.com Any donation you can give will be a gesture that will mean the world to a confused, hurt little family who doesn’t understand why their daddy is in jail and the bad guy went free.

Let’s bring a little bit of sunshine and Disney magic to this family. They deserve it.

Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher is a nationally syndicated radio host, Fox News Channel contributor and guest host and author of 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate.