Mike Gallagher

Well, many of us don't like it. We're getting tired of Mexico's arrogance. We're fed up with the game that's played in referring to illegals as "undocumented" immigrants — as if somehow a woman who was convicted of stealing someone else's Social Security number just somehow misplaced her papers.

I suppose I'm swimming upstream here, but I don't believe the midterm election victory for Democrats was because of the war on terror or even a few congressional scandals.

Every day on my radio show, I hear from callers from all walks of life from all over America who are positively outraged at the way our country has allowed illegal immigrants to walk all over our laws and siphon free health care, jobs and education like someone sucking on a hose and stealing gasoline from a car.

If Elvira Arellano wants to raise her child, there is a huge country waiting for her where she could do it. It's called Mexico. And if she decides she doesn't like Mexico and prefers to live here in the United States, she has a couple of viable options. She can either immigrate here legally, like millions have done, or she can accept the fact that she is a resident of Mexico and that's that.

I spoke to the pastor of the church that is providing Elvira with sanctuary on my radio show this week, a man named the Rev. Walter Coleman. Coleman feels passionately that illegals should be granted legal status and that we just should just "leave these poor people alone." He also admitted to me that it was his church that had paid the transportation costs for little Saul to travel to Mexico to pull off the publicity stunt.

Imagine how many starving people could have been fed with the cost of Saulito's airplane ticket.

Just like Elian Gonzales was scooped up and sent packing to Cuba, U.S. officials should march into the Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago and send Elvira and Saul Arellano back to Mexico. <>

Under U.S. law, there is no right to sanctuary in a U.S. church. And after the officials deport the Arellanos, they should arrest Coleman and charge him with harboring a fugitive.

It's time to stop the bleeding, secure the borders, and start getting tough on illegal immigration.

Let's start with a storefront church in Chicago.

Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher is a nationally syndicated radio host, Fox News Channel contributor and guest host and author of 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate.