Mike Gallagher

Nothing demonstrates the absurdity of the illegal immigration crisis we face in the United States better than the story of a single mother from Mexico and her 7-year-old son, a little boy named Saul Arellano, who has been turned into a pawn by activists who desperately want to reward lawbreakers who have barged into our country under the guise of "seeking a better life" for themselves.

In 1997, Elvira Arellano attempted to sneak across the border from Mexico and gain entry into the United States. She was turned away.

A few days later, she again broke the law and sneaked in, this time successfully. A few years later, she was arrested in Chicago and convicted of using a false Social Security number. She was given three years' probation and then ordered to appear at the immigration office in Chicago.

Instead of abiding by the laws of the land, she sought — and received — "sanctuary" at a storefront Methodist church in a Puerto Rican neighborhood in Chicago. As if this soap opera wasn't dramatic enough, she gave birth in 1999 to a boy named Saul.

So that's how Elvira and her son came to live in a second-floor bedroom at the church, complete with Saul's toys and pet dog, Daisy, to keep them happy. After all, who wants to watch the image of immigration officials knocking down the door of a Methodist church in order to deport these folks on the evening news?

But Elvira Arellano wasn't content with just being holed up in the church. It was time to pull out all the stops and send her 7-year-old child to Mexico to appear before the country's congress so he could tell his tragic tale.

Saulito ("Little Saul") delighted the 500-member Chamber of Deputies in Mexico. Clutching a disposable camera, the little tyke read his lines perfectly.

"I want [Mexico's congress] to tell President Bush to end the deportations so that my mother and the families can stay together in the United States," he said.

Quite a vocabulary for a 7-year-old. Mexico's congress certainly didn't need much convincing to vote unanimously to ask the U.S. government not to deport his mother.

Isn't that a gracious thing for the Mexican congress to do? It isn't often we get the chance for a country like Mexico to tell us what to do when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration.

Obviously, Mexico's own government isn't too fond of wanting people like Elvira and Saul Arellano to stay in their own country, so they need to tell us to waive any applicable laws and accept them into the United States, whether we like it or not.

Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher is a nationally syndicated radio host, Fox News Channel contributor and guest host and author of 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate.