Mike Gallagher
It’s unlikely that America has ever experienced the kind of arrogance that supporters of illegal immigrants from Mexico have been demonstrating over the past few contentious weeks.

This week on my radio show, an activist attorney named Domingo Garcia proudly proclaimed that he knew of only one case in the country that involved an employer firing a worker as a result of Monday’s boycott debacle, “A Day of Action.” And in that case, he warned, a lawsuit would be forthcoming. This illegal immigrant-loving activist-lawyer was actually excited at the prospect of an American company being sued as a result of daring to expect one of their workers to show up for work on Monday. Evidently, Mr. Garcia believes that when workers decide to shut down companies and inconvenience customers in order to march through the streets carrying picket signs, that is their unfettered right.

The utter gall of these activists and advocates for illegals is beyond infuriating: it’s maddening. It creates the kind of burning contempt and red hot rage that is usually reserved for child molesters and animal torturers. And yet the arrogance continues.

While Americans were trying to deal with some clogged streets and landscaping jobs that wouldn’t be completed, Mexico was featuring an event of its own. “A Day Without a Gringo” was the message heralded on Mexican soil. What in the world is “A Day Without a Gringo?” Simple. Mexicans were urged to boycott any and all so-called “American” companies. No Burger King whoppers and no Big Mac super-sized meals that day in Mexico.

That’ll really show us, eh?

“A Day Without a Gringo.” Imagine how awful and ugly it would be if there were rallies and protests in America called, “A Day Without a Wetback.” I wonder how Mexicans would feel about that kind of ugly slur against an entire nationality. And yet “A Day Without a Gringo” barely creates a raised eyebrow, in either the Hispanic or non-Hispanic community worldwide. Watching Mexicans slur Americans (the Gringos) while illegal aliens wave Mexican flags in our faces and threaten to sue any company that fires them for playing hooky on Monday is a pretty typical example of the one-way street that has become the relationship between our two nations.

Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher is a nationally syndicated radio host, Fox News Channel contributor and guest host and author of 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate.