Mike Bouchard

Anywhere outside of Washington, making the job creating, tax cuts permanent seems like a no-brainer. Liberals, however, are furiously resisting making these lower tax rates permanent because lower taxes means less money for Washington to spend on projects such as the now infamous "bridge to nowhere" in Alaska that is costing us hundreds of millions for a project that will only benefit a few dozen people.

There are countless other examples of such waste, the only purpose of which is publicity for the politicians that created the "earmark" in the spending bill authorizing the project. Just because you have checks in the checkbook doesn't mean that you have money in the bank, and Washington has failed to understand that.

You would think that all of Michigan's representatives in Congress would be very sensitive to how high taxes can kill jobs given Michigan's own recent experience. But even after seeing how the tax cuts she voted against led to a strengthened economy, Michigan’s junior Senator Debbie Stabenow continues to support raising your taxes by blocking attempts to make these tax cuts permanent.

In this, Stabenow is only following the commands of the Democrat leadership in Congress and appeasing her own appetite for reckless spending. And she does it well. In fact, she not only voted to fund the bridge to nowhere twice, but she’s earned the title of the "biggest spender in Congress," and she has voted to raise taxes by $1.2 trillion.

That tax relief can spur the economy and thereby benefit all Americans is something that Washington Democrats used to understand. President Kennedy, for example, aggressively cut taxes after being elected to stimulate the economy as a means of helping all Americans. In doing so, he famously observed "a rising tide lifts all boats."

One of the biggest issues in this fall's elections will be whether the conditions that have caused the US economy to grow in recent years will continue, or whether we'll choose policies that will lead the rest of the US to the sort of stagnation we have in Michigan.

Debbie Stabenow's fascination with taxation is the wrong policy for Michigan, and it’s the wrong policy for America.

When I replace Debbie Stabenow in the US Senate, I’ll work with members from both parties who understand that the policies of "tax-and-spend" are an obstacle to jobs and prosperity in Michigan and the rest of America.

Mike Bouchard, Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate (www.mikeformichigan.com)

Mike Bouchard

Michael J. Bouchard is Oakland County's popular Sheriff and a consistent vote getter, racking up impressive victories in his campaign.

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