Mike Adams

I am sorry you don't want a lawsuit to happen. Someone once said you should never wrestle with a pig because you'll only get dirty and the pig will like it. I guess you could say I'm a pig. I'm really going to enjoy it when your roommate files the lawsuit. And you're really going to get dirty.

I am sorry you think I have already been in the news enough. I never think I've been in the news enough. I'm in love with the sound of my own voice and I think I take really good pictures. It's the humility that makes me so photogenic. My next book is called "Ten Steps to Humility: And How I Made It in Seven."

I am sorry you don't want to make a big issue out of this. I think anti-Christian bigotry is a big issue. People like you who try to ban Chick-fil-A from campus and who send profanity laced emails to Christians calling them a "piece of (fecal matter)" and telling them to "rot in hell" are a big issue with me. I want to see every one of you exposed and shamed in the court of public opinion.

I am sorry you are not listening to your roomie lawyer. You really should sue. I can't counter sue for defamation until you do. Truth is always a defense to defamation and false claims of defamation are defamatory. Get your roomie to explain that to you next time you are watching Beaches, eating cookie dough, or getting a facial.

I am sorry you think I have made my case. I’m not finished. You are by far the most intolerant and hysterical gay activist I've ever seen in my life. Until everyone in America knows about you, I haven't yet made my case. So please keep sending me profane emails. Also, please resend the one you sent in 2012 accusing me of being secretly gay. Now that's defamation of character! My decision to defend myself and show everyone that you are a hypocrite isn't defamation. It's accurate news reporting.

I am sorry you think you have made your case but "You're gay" isn't an argument. It just shows that you secretly think homosexuality is an immoral lifestyle. Otherwise, why would you think it is insulting to accuse someone of being gay? I suspect that you secretly contribute to the Family Research Council and watch reruns of Duck Dynasty.

I am sorry you cannot stop and think before sending emails. It reveals a lack of self-control. Of course, gay activism is largely about defending a lack of self-control. But, please, don't tell me you were born with the stupid email gene.

I am sorry I cannot "delete my blog" because I do not have a blog. I write for Townhall. Just ask the Townhall editors to delete my columns. They will probably refuse because they know you are an (offensive term deleted by Townhall editors).

I am sorry but this is going to go further because you will surely keep writing me abusive emails. I am sure you can't help it. But that doesn’t mean it’s genetic. It’s a character issue.

I am sorry for calling you “Surely.” That was wrong.

I am sorry but I don't respect your opinions. You try to throw Chick-fil-A off campus, you send me profane emails, you accuse me of being gay, you threaten bogus lawsuits, and you seek to trump the First Amendment by suppressing your critics - all because you lack the manhood to face the consequences of your impulsive actions. I respect you even less than I respect Perez Hilton.

I am sorry this apology has been highly embarrassing for you and not for me. But please write again. I get paid to defend the First Amendment against assaults by intolerant left wing hypocrites who defame themselves every time they speak.

Finally, Mr. Horton, I have sent a coupon for a free lunch at Chick-fil-A to both you and your “attorney” roommate. I thought that if you would eat more chicken then perhaps your skin might thicken. And you might not have a cow every time you encounter a dissenting opinion.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.