Mike Adams

Five years later, Barry sexually assaulted a second woman. He was tried in adult court for second degree rape. As a result of a negotiated plea, he was sentenced to just four years in prison. Upon graduation from high school, Allison took a job working in a topless bar.

Allison paid her way through college with the money she earned doing lap dances in The Alchemist, a local gentlemen’s club. Her degree in Women’s Studies was supplemented with a minor in African American Studies. She used the degree to get a job working as an intake counselor for Planned Parenthood. Two years into her tenure with Planned Parenthood, Allison told a pregnant teenaged woman (of African extraction) that abortion was “not a big deal.” She went on to say that, “Most black babies are aborted anyway.” Planned Parenthood fired her for sharing that well-kept secret with a non- white client. So Allison moved back home with her parents. Today, she works for billionaire George Sourpus as a paid commenter on various conservative websites.

Her story is a sad one. But it is also educational. It teaches us four important lessons about the liberal mindset:

1. For liberals, group judgments supersede the judgment of individuals. In their zeal to make certain they are not engaging in racism, liberals often take race into consideration – even when it is simply irrelevant. This means they often form relationships they would not have formed by merely judging an individual as an individual – rather than evaluating the individual as a group representative. This happens most often in the context of employment relations. It is not always confined to race.

2. For liberals, faith in negotiation is more important than concerns over personal safety. When it comes to avoiding war or violent confrontation generally, negotiations sometimes fail. Liberals understand this. But the threat posed to their own physical safety must be weighed against other threats. When it comes to faith in the inherent goodness of man, evidence is often deemed irrelevant. The view of the “good man” corrupted by “bad society” is the lynchpin of the liberal worldview. It cannot be disturbed by anything, “facts” included. Additionally, a liberal’s confidence in his own capacity to negotiate differences is often central to his self-image. His preoccupation with his self-image explains his constant search for “solutions” to societal “problems.” When he appears to be fixing “society,” the liberal is often trying to fix himself.

3. According to liberals, crime is simply a disease that only man can cure with the benefit of science. The notion of sin has no place in the liberal worldview. The only solution to sin is a Savior. Liberals prefer to use disease terminology – whether they are talking about sociological or psychological maladies. This allows them to step into the role of savior. It also provides them with government employment opportunities.

4. Liberal ideas are not only emotionally driven but also emotion driving. Liberals eventually realize that man isn’t good and that the world does not operate according to liberal principles. But the emotionalism that draws them into liberalism never dissipates. The naiveté simply congeals. Usually, it hardens into anger. In some cases, it permanently confines the liberal to a life of anonymous posting on conservative websites.

The story may be a simple one but that is okay. Liberalism is a simple way of viewing the world. It lacks the complexity and even the nuance of conservative thought. Although simple, this story is not actually true. It is an Ally-gory meant to show the depth of the divide between conservatives and liberals in America today. It is a divide so deep that it simply cannot be negotiated away. Barry can only get what he wants by forcing himself upon us all. Right-thinking people judge him according to his merits and not according to his race.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.