Mike Adams

I am also very perplexed by your assertion that you have been a Christian your entire life. Does that mean you were born Christian? Does that mean there is a Christian gene? If so, would you also concede that there may be an anti-gay gene, which means that I really can’t control myself?

“As a gay person, I will not sit in the back of the bus, and after 50 years of life, I will not stand by and watch as young people are told they should sit in the back of the bus. You know, as do I, that colleges often provide listings and directories to help incoming students find non-campus related businesses, churches, and other services. Do you object to all of those efforts? Of course not, you think that somehow your hate and bigotry are sacrosanct. You are, unfortunately very wrong. Jesus commandment is simple…love God and love one another. You sir, are doing neither, and you expose yourself as a bigot and intellectual lightweight if you haven’t done at least the same amount of theological study as any other lay person.”

First of all, I want you to know that I would never make you sit in the back of a public bus. The reason for that is simple: I’m opposed to public transportation. And that includes public buses. But I’m shocked that you would compare yourself to Rosa Parks given that you make such a racist statement in your final paragraph. But I’ll return to that issue later.

For the record, yes, I am also against the other “listings and directories to help incoming students find non-campus related businesses” that you reference above. For example, I am against The Black Pages – a publication that has been distributed at our African American Center. It encourages blacks to patronize black-owned businesses. The gay church guide I wrote about was part of a larger guide that encouraged gays to patronize gay-owned businesses. What’s next? Should there be a guide encouraging whites to patronize white businesses? Let me add that you are wrong to lump them together. The gay guide included a section of recommended churches. And they were recommended by a state-run office. And that is different than the gay hot dog stand that was recommended in the business section.

Finally, I’m afraid I cannot allow you to quote Jesus’ two Great Commandments from the Gospel of Matthew. When you are losing an argument you appear to rip out portions of the Bible that you find to be problematic. So if you get to negate the words of Paul and Jude then I am going to have to remove the other portions of the New Testament you rely upon. You are seeking equality, aren’t you?

"I believe they have a religious belief system in Africa that is much closer to yours. Perhaps you’d be more comfortable teaching there. You’re not welcome in my home state."

John, when you wrote with your suggestion that I move to Africa did you do so with or without the awareness that my ancestors are from Africa? Generations ago, my ancestors moved from Africa to America. In other words, I am an African American. So I don’t appreciate you telling me to move back to Africa. I think Rosa Parks would be appalled to hear you make such a racist remark – even if you were born with the gay racist gene.

John Masters
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Thanks for leaving your name and phone number, John, but I’m afraid I already have a girlfriend that I met at church. And we both found the church without the help of a government-funded Heterosexual Resource Office.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.