Mike Adams

Mike, it wasn't your previous email that made me think you are not bothered by the possiblity [sic] of executing homosexuals, it was your entire oeuvre from which I extracted that attitude.

Additionally, pedophilia is not an alternative sexuality, so I don't need to go back to the 7th century for that. I know many, such as yourself, want to attempt to perform that rhetorical sleight of hand in an attempt to make homosexuality equal a crime, [sic] it is not. Pedophilia is a crime, beign [sic] gay is not. Pedophilia is part of a mental disorder, homosexuality is not. Although I am sure you disagree with that designation in the DSM IV.

Also, I have little interest in what Mohammed did not did not [sic] do, or in slamming any religion. I am not a believer in any religion, so I do not have any interest in upholding any doctrine. The lecture was looking at the culture in countries not exploring religion, agian [sic], attendance would have helped your understanding. If you are botherd [sic] by that passage in the Koran, then also worry about [sic] passage in the King James Bible that states, "But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves." Seems awfully similar.

Have a lovely day.

Jane Doe


Your last message illustrates my principal problem with liberals; namely, that you lie in order to create “problems” which require “solutions” in the form of government funding. If you look over my oeuvre you will see that I have never claimed support for the execution of homosexuals. In fact, look over my oeuvre and you will see that I have taken the opposite position. Look over my oeuvre and you will see I have criticized Che Guevara for incarcerating suspected homosexuals. Look over my oeuvre and you will see that I have taken on CAIR in numerous columns.

But you don’t CAIR to look over my oeuvre. You just like to say the word “oeuvre.” And you like to defame people who present arguments you simply cannot rebut.

Your assertion that I want to perform a “rhetorical sleight of hand” in an effort to make homosexuality a crime is false. See my previous comment about Che Guevara. I never performed any sleight of hand to link the notion of “alternative sexualities” to pedophilia. That was done for me by Dr. Gilbert Herdt, founding Professor of Human Sexuality Studies and Chair of the Department of Sexuality Studies at San Francisco State. He says the following:

“The category ‘child’ is a rhetorical device for inflaming what is really an irrational set of attitudes against sex with children.”

I am perplexed by your admonition that if I am “botherd [sic] by that passage in the Koran” I should be more concerned about certain passages in the King James Bible. I am concerned that you are beginning to hear voices. I have never spoken to you about any passage in the Koran just as I have never uttered the phrase “kill the homosexuals.”

I am, in all seriousness, concerned about you for three reasons. First, you are a professor lacking any capacity to make reasoned and relevant arguments. Second, you teach English but cannot spell. And, finally, you are now an administrator charged with promoting tolerance for ideas other than one’s own.

God help us, Jane. And God help the taxpayers forced to fund your intellectual work product as well as your vision of tolerance and diversity.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.