Mike Adams

There are also good political reasons why Libertarians should oppose abortion and do so vocally. Abortion is the one issue that can be used to break the Democratic stranglehold on the black vote, which, in turn, can ultimately help Libertarians and Republicans reduce the size of government.

It is simply shameful that many Republicans have given up on the black vote. It was a Republican president who freed the slaves. His Democratic successor then fought hard against the ratification of the 14th Amendment and its promise of equal protection under the laws. After he failed he was replaced by a Republican president who fought for the rights of blacks - starting the fight on his very first day in office with an acceptance speech asserting the right of blacks to vote. And let us not forget that it was a Republican president who sent the National Guard to Arkansas to fight racist Democrats on the issue of segregation.

Democrats have always been racists undeserving of even a small portion of the black vote. But the black community was bought off by FDR decades ago and later appeased by LBJ in his nearly fifty year War on Poverty.

Since then, there has emerged a situation that gives hope to opponents of the Democrats and their big-spending liberalism. Abortion is now literally killing over half the black community. Just over 51% of black pregnancies end in abortion. But Republicans, to date, have been either too cowardly or too stupid to use this as an effective political tool.

Republicans should not be calling one Democrat a racist because he noted correctly that Barack Obama is “light-skinned” and used the tragically un-hip (but not racist) term “negro.” Political correctness should have no place in the GOP. It is never in the best interests of right thinking people.

Instead, Republicans should be calling all Democrats racists because their most sacred political position is resulting in the genocidal destruction of the black community. Black or white, a man simply cannot accept a handout once his hands have been severed by the abortionists’ instrument of “choice.”

Through sheer repetition of the fact that the new Democratic policy of abortion is killing blacks at a faster rate than the old Democratic policy of lynching we can make significant gains among black voters. Like most white voters, most black voters are not stupid but uninformed. And the tool of repetition works effectively – not just for the propagandist, but for those willing to speak the truth.

Libertarians should be opposed to abortion because of their love for the individual and his right to make choices. If not, he should be opposed to abortion because of his hatred for the Democrats and their propensity to grow governments.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.