Mike Adams

I never hurt my student by expressing this opinion. But affirmative action programs certainly did hurt her. And I would not back down from my opinion – even if I were staring down the barrel of a Colt 45.

But Elliot Cramer, the man who wrote a student saying “I have a Colt 45 and I know how to use it” still gave me a public lecture on ethics during the Q & A. He suggested I may have hurt the girl’s feelings by conveying my opinion that she was not qualified for admission to a first-tier law school – even though the woman was not present and was not identified by name.

Of course, none of Cramer’s odd objections are relevant. She knew I thought she was unqualified for law school when I told her I would not write her a letter of recommendation until she raised her GPA. I urged her to do better and then reminded her that I have a Colt 45 and I know how to use it. I’m just kidding about the last part. Only a lunatic would do something like that.

During the Q & A, I asked Cramer very specifically which ethical code I had broken by sharing that story of extreme affirmative action race preference involving a former advisee. The exchange went something like this:

Adams: Which rule or code did I violate by talking about this case?

Cramer: I don’t know.

Adams: So I didn’t violate any written rule of ethics - you just feel I was being unethical?

Cramer: Yes.

Adams: Well, I don’t care about your feelings.

(Audience laughter)

Cramer: And I don’t care about yours.

This should have been enough to silence Cramer but it did not. He stood up in front of the audience and claimed he read documentation in my present lawsuit against UNC and had determined it was without merit. He then tried to argue the merits (or lack thereof) of my case against UNC in public while on a UNC campus. The move was completely unprofessional and was followed by another very bizarre twist.

After the Q & A, Elliot Cramer came up to me and asked for the exact address of the Alliance Defense Fund website so he could read the complaint. In other words, after saying he had read documentation from the case and determined it was without merit he admitted he had not read the actual complaint. He even denied ever saying the suit was without merit less than an hour after we recorded him on tape saying just that.

Sadly, during this final exchange, Elliot put his hands on me, which almost prompted me to say “I have a Colt 45 and I know how to use it.” But, of course, only a lunatic would say something like that.

But that’s enough about Elliot Cramer’s lunacy. Let’s get to his liberalism, which is only slightly off topic. Professor Cramer, who will henceforth be referred to as “Colt” Cramer also disputed my claim that we had invited 20 professors to argue the other side, the “pro” side, of the affirmative action debate – all of whom declined our challenge.

Cramer essentially called me a liar – in public, mind you – claiming that it was he who thought of the idea of a panel debate and asked just a few professors – some conservatives – to participate. But what he failed to mention was that the club’s Vice President and an employee of the Leadership Institute together asked numerous professors. They had to take over the effort to organize a debate because Colt Cramer had to step down after saying “I have a Colt 45 and I know how to use it.” Besides, I am in a better position to know how many professors were asked because I own a TI 55 and I know how to use it.

Let me make it clear that I was not the only one treated unfairly by Colt Cramer during the Q & A that followed my speech. After a black law student admitted and then defended racial quotas for admission into UNC School of Law he was called into question by Colt Cramer who, of course, said no such quotas exist. The student rebutted him by pointing out that the same percentage of admitted blacks, roughly 13%, appears in consecutive first year classes. And that just happens to be the rough percentage of blacks in America.

Colt Cramer was rebuked on more than one occasion by students during the Q & A. Afterwards, only two things were certain: Elliot “Colt” Cramer has an a**. And he knows how to show it.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.