Mike Adams

When I showed this resolution to one of my Democrat colleagues at UNC-Wilmington, he said “They voted against that?” with a heavy emphasis in the word “against.” Indeed, it is tough to imagine a disagreeable word in the resolution. But some in the Student Congress said their “constituents” disagreed with the Chancellor’s statement. So it’s worth reading it in its entirety:

I want to express how disappointed I am in what happened last night when former Congressman Tom Tancredo wasn't able to speak when a protest got out of hand, and our Department of Public Safety had to take action. Congressman Tancredo felt threatened and left without making his remarks.

Mr. Tancredo was scheduled to speak about immigration. We expect protests about controversial subjects at Carolina. That's part of our culture. But we also pride ourselves on being a place where all points of view can be expressed and heard. There's a way to protest that respects free speech and allows people with opposing views to be heard. Here that's often meant that groups protesting a speaker have displayed signs or banners, silently expressing their opinions while the speaker had his or her say. That didn't happen last night.

On behalf of our University community, I called Mr. Tancredo today to apologize for how he was treated. In addition, our Department of Public Safety is investigating this incident. They will pursue criminal charges if any are warranted. Our Division of Student Affairs is also investigating student involvement in the protest. If that investigation determines sufficient evidence, participating students could face Honor Court proceedings.

Carolina's tradition of free speech is a fundamental part of what has made this place special for more than 200 years. Let's recommit ourselves to that ideal.

Holden Thorp

Just a few weeks before the Tancredo incident, another free speech controversy erupted at UNC-Wilmington. It happened when the Provost yanked several pictures of nude children on display by the Women’s Center in the Randall Library.

The pictures, which showed the exposed breasts and pubic hair of these children, were of concern because of past incidents involving pedophiles frequenting Randall Library (where they were downloading pictures of nude children). UNCW faculty were outraged and passed an academic freedom resolution condemning the administration. Provost Chapman resigned a few weeks later.

To date, there have been no resolutions supporting Tom Tancredo. He doesn’t take pictures of naked little girls.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.