Mike Adams

“Keep your hands off my toy” becomes “Keep your laws of my body … my body, my choice!” twenty years later. The emphasis is always on their gain, not on another’s loss - “To me according to my need!”

4. Socialists suffer from attention deficit disorder. The gentleman who refused to shake my hand led the chant “Racist, sexist, anti-gay, right-wing bigots go away” when I spoke at UMass in 2006. This time he was hauled out of the auditorium for shouting over me during my speech and then refusing to say whether he was finished screaming. As the police dragged him away he just extended his middle finger.

When there is no substance to a tantrum one must assume it is just a ploy for attention. This generally comes from kids who were put into day-care too early and too often. The irony is that America’s move towards socialism drives up taxes, which forces mothers to work. This, in turn, forces kids into day care. This makes the kids seek attention by adopting political positions which happen to be chic (like socialism).

It is a vicious cycle indeed.

5. Socialists are morally outraged without any source of morality. Finally, there is the brunette girl in the black shirt seen throughout the video. She got up and gave her own speech after mine was over. She was angry and I asked her why. She replied by admitting she was angry because she found my opposition to abortion to be morally “reprehensible” - and she actually did use the word “reprehensible.” It is interesting that socialists believe that God needs to be done away with. Yet they still claim to have a basis for moral condemnation.

I’ve never heard a socialist explain how communism could be a universal and enduring system without a source of universal and enduring Truth. Chances are, neither have you.

Of course, none of these kids realize they provide such a good argument in favor of capitalism. Nor do they realize they have given me a great idea for a new promo for www.DrAdams.org. Thanks to my good friend Jim Weaver of Point Blank Advertising, we are now sending “I Hate Mike Adams” bumper stickers to those who make a contribution of $5 or more.

If you know a socialist who hates liberty, please give him an “I Hate Mike Adams” bumper stick today. When he puts that sticker on his old beat-up car – probably right next to “Obama 2008” – he won’t realize that he’ll be giving my website one helluva plug. Nor will he realize people will love what they read on my site just as much as he hates it.

As you can see, I believe we need to put our socialist idiots to work for us. It might be the only decent job they ever have.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.