Mike Adams

I read the article a couple times actually (I couldn't believe some of the things you said in it, and had to re-read in order to see if you were honestly saying such awful things). A good writer is able to get their [sic] point across clearly and easily, and doesn't need to tell their [sic] reader that they [sic] simply didn't read deep enough. Maybe you should revise your article so that people know what you're trying to say right off the bat. It seems to me that a lot of people "just didn't understand" what you were saying.

And no, I just graduated college


But, Rachel, the only ones who did not understand were the ones on liberal websites. This reinforces the unfortunate view that liberalism is an emotional disorder rather than a political philosophy. I believe I can say that since I am a former liberal.

Are you a prostitute?

Mike Adams

Well then I'm sorry that something awful happened to you in your life that caused you to change your thinking, and make you the bitter, self-righteous shell of a man that you are today.

Are you honestly asking me if I am a prostitute? Have you ever MET a working girl? Asked her what circumstances in her life led her to "choosing" such a profession? Of course you haven't. I hope you don't have any daughters. Rachel.

Rachel, I am so sorry that my last message offended you. I did not mean to come off as angry or self-righteous. I assumed from your previous comments that you did not pass judgment on prostitutes. That obviously is not the case. Why do you look down on them to such an extent that you are offended at the mere suggestion you are one of "them"? And what gives you the right to speak for prostitutes? And why are you offended when I speak about "a culture (I) know nothing about" (to quote your previous correspondence) if you are not a part of that culture?

Finally, what was your major in college? I am hoping that since you are a college graduate you will consider writing me back without any name calling. You know, conservatives have feelings, too. We are a part of another culture and you should not judge another culture to which you do not belong.


I don't know what kind of response you're expecting. I also don't understand how you don't connect that the things you say could come across as offensive. I do not pass judgment on prostitutes, but it is fair to say that I am not one. I was not offended by your question, so much as surprised by it. You seem to draw these crazy conclusions from out of nowhere. I don't think it's your place or mine to pass judgment on these women who OBVIOUSLY DON'T CHOOSE THIS DANGEROUS AND DEGRADING LIFESTYLE.

I majored in Humanities at the Evergreen State College. And I would be glad to have an intelligent conversation with you, but you need to start acting like an adult. If I were you, I would refain [sic] from asking someone to lay off the name-calling, when you yourself said that, "liberalism is an emotional disorder".


But, Rachel, I said that the stereotype that liberalism is an emotional disorder is unfortunate. You took my quote out of context. Go back and look at the whole sentence and see whether it has a different meaning. And then ask yourself why you got angry. Are you beginning to understand the origins of the stereotype I referenced?

Furthermore, you have conflated the terms "woman" and "feminist" in a previous comment. They are not the same. Women are not inferior intellectually. But when women study Women's Studies and become feminists they become emotionally inferior through conditioning. They get to the point where they cannot appreciate even a simple joke.

For example, I just told a feminist that I thought it was funny that Obama signed the stimulus package at the same desk where Clinton had his package stimulated. And she got angry. Don't you think that's funny?


Mike, I think that you either lack the social skills to "read" your audience, or you're the type that enjoys watching things you say get a rise out of people. While I think that joke is mildly amusing, I wouldn't think of saying it to a feminist, nor would I tell a rape victim a sex joke. But I guess you and I draw lines at different places, huh?

When you called liberalism an emotional disorder, you were explaining that the overwhelming liberal reaction to your poorly-written/thought through (if there was any thought to it at all) article, was to be dumbfounded and offended at the fact that someone who holds such a prestigious and normally well-regarded position (college professor, go you) would be so thoughless [sic] and crass. Of course people were offended, and if that somehow makes it seem to conservatives that liberalism is a disorder, well... I don't know what to say to that. Like I've said before, you draw your conclusions out of some crazy dimension where gays = evil and Toby Keith is just so awesome.

Rachel, accusing me of liking Toby Keith is worse than calling me a prostitute. But since I am writing you from Wrightsville Beach this afternoon where I have been drinking beer (responsibly, of course) and seeing a lot of fake breasts I would like to revisit an old issue raised in the column that angered you.

Why do feminists deem women getting fake breasts to be degrading while deeming men getting fake breasts a cause for celebration? And how is that not gender discrimination?


Mike had to leave the beach at 5 p.m. before Rachel had a chance to write back. So, for more of his hate mail highlights, just log on to www.DrAdams.org. And don’t send your daughter to college to major in Humanities. If you do, she’ll be dumber by Thanksgiving. And she’ll hate you and everything you stand for.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.