Mike Adams

But few academic feminists have the intellectual energy to apply that logic to the policing of prostitution. If it is wrong to prosecute the occasional user of an illegal good with as much rigor as the regular supplier of an illegal good then, surely, the same leniency applies to the occasional user of an illegal service like prostitution.

It is obviously logically consistent to want to target prostitutes rather than “Johns” if you believe we should target drug dealers rather than drug users. Go after the suppliers. Remember?

But logical consistency has never been the goal of the academic feminists. Their goal has always been the special treatment of women. And that is why the WRC display also has several provocative pictures of topless women with very large breast implants.

These grotesque nude pictures are accompanied by captions that ask whether the very large and apparently botched boob-jobs are “attractive.” The message is simple: Women should not get breast implants.

But this WRC idea that women should not get breast implants because breast plants are degrading is not logically consistent with their previous decision to co-sponsor the film “Trans-Generation.” When the WRC sponsored that movie, which glorifies sex changes, they were, of course, approving of the idea that men should get breast implants. It’s tough to understand why new breasts are degrading to women and a cause of celebration for men. I thought feminists were against sexist double-standards. Confused yet?

And of course the WRC’s entire public display of profanity and nudity is a good example of how they promote double standards along the lines of gender. They actively support speech codes which are used to ban words far less offensive than the c-word. They also successfully kept the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders off campus despite the fact that they intended to keep their shirts on.

I’m afraid that the end result of Women’s History Month may be to promote the ideas that feminists are intellectually shallow, easily offended, and in favor of gender discrimination. Maybe it’s time to arrest these intellectual prostitutes. And cut the average John a little slack.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.