Mike Adams

Welcome back UNCW Students!

If you have not yet heard (or read) about me, I am an outspoken Christian professor who has, at times, been critical of certain aspects of evolution. I mention this because it affects the way I see you and the way I will treat you this semester.

Rather than seeing you as the mere product of random mutation, I see you as a unique individual who is of infinite worth to his Creator. Each one of you has unique and special talents and along with that a distinct purpose in life that makes you not just unique but irreplaceable.

Unfortunately, I sometimes have students who resist fulfilling their God-given potential. Often, they do things in college that hurt their chances of success in life. One good example is a fellow named Davidson Myers whom I first taught in the fall of 1999.

Davidson, who aspired to be a lawyer, came into my class late on several occasions. He was also prone to turning around in his seat and yapping in class with another student by the name of Paula Tyndall. This went on for weeks until Davidson the aspiring lawyer got back his first test grade. It was a “C” in a class called “Criminal Law and Procedure” that was central to his career aspirations. He was devastated so he came by the office to see me.

When Davidson came by he told me he could not afford to be getting “Cs” because he was going to be a lawyer. My response to Davidson was simple: “No, you’re never going to be a lawyer. Not until you get your (offensive term deleted) together.”

A truly bizarre thing happened to Davidson after I told him to get to class on time and pay attention or he would never amount to anything. He actually did what I told him to do. In other words, he took responsibility for his actions like a man, not a victim. (Author’s Note: The terms “victim” and “man” are as incompatible as “compassionate” and “Marxist”).

In addition to getting an “A” on my next exam he took another of my courses the next semester. He got an “A.” Today, he is a lawyer married to another lawyer. He and his wife have a successful practice here in North Carolina. When I called him to ask permission to share his story he laughed uncontrollably. I consider him a friend and someone I would hire were I to get into trouble with the law.

By the way, here is the (threefold) reason I am sharing Davidson’s story with you today:

1. Every time you enter my class late – even one second late as you should be in your chair before the class begins – I will send you an email with the question “Who is Davidson Myers?” in the subject line. If you can tell me who he is, I will only deduct one point from your final average. If you cannot, I will deduct a letter grade.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.