Mike Adams

Dear President Jacobs (UTPresident@utoledo.edu):

I am writing today to ask for your immediate resignation from the position of president of The University of Toledo (UT). This request is a result of my recent discovery that you have written a letter to the Ohio legislature in support of passing initiatives that would extend benefits to the domestic partners of gay employees at your university.

It is now abundantly evident that you did not fire Crystal Dixon because she could not perform her duties at UT. You fired her because she disagrees with your political views and because she is interfering with your efforts to serve as a political lobbyist for the gay community. A university president simply cannot be allowed to a) use the power of his office to serve as a political lobbyist, while b) using the power of that office to fire employees perceived as opposing those lobbying efforts.

I am also concerned that you have formed some radical associations in your capacity as a lobbyist for the gay rights movement. Your fellow gay rights activist Kim Welter of Equality Ohio told the Toledo Free Press that it is “unfortunate that someone (Mrs. Dixon) who works in Human Resources for the University of Toledo would publicly express beliefs more appropriate for her place of worship.” In other words, Dixon should stay around like-minded individuals and stay out of the public square where only secularist views should be aired.

Some think that Welter was saying “That Negro doesn’t know her place.” I disagree. She was probably only saying “Christians shouldn’t flaunt their lifestyle. They should just keep inside the closet.” Regardless, President Jacobs, you have to be concerned about the radical views of some of your fellow gay rights advocates.

Before you resign as president of UT I want you to fire a clinical law professor named Robert Salem because, in my opinion, he cannot effectively perform his job duties at the university now that he has publicly expressed discriminatory opinions. The specific discriminatory opinion he expressed was the following remark to the Toledo Free Press: “(Mrs. Dixon) cannot effectively perform her job duties at the university now that she has publicly expressed discriminatory opinions.”

Unless Robert Salem is illiterate he is fully aware that Crystal Dixon did not express a discriminatory opinion. In other words, she did not advocate job discrimination. But when the learned Professor Salem said she should be removed from her job at the university, he was advocating job discrimination. And when someone advocates job discrimination, he should be fired.

Since this has the potential to create a domino effect – one that could literally put the university out of business – I think that calls for termination should come from somewhere outside the university system. That is why I have offered to submit my discriminatory opinions regarding Robert Salem.

After reading this statement, I’ve decided Robert Salem is also lacking the intellectual fortitude to serve as a professor of law: “(Dixon) has a right to her religious views and she has a right to freedom of speech, but the university has a right to have someone in that position that is going to comply with the university’s diversity policy.” Salem’s statement is problematic for two reasons:

1.    Constitutional rights are given to individuals to protect them from governments. They are not given to governments to protect them from individuals.

2.    Public trials are supposed to follow, not precede, accusations of wrong-doing.

Aside from his obvious incompetence, Robert Salem suffers from elitist attitude that is at odds with the UT diversity mission. He recently stated that “Because Dixon is considered a staff member at UT … she is not entitled to the same academic freedom principles granted to the university’s faculty.”

Translation: “In speaking out, Mrs. Dixon was being an uppity Negro.”

This kind of statement is dangerous because it constitutes a discriminatory opinion. UT should therefore fire Salem in order to prevent job discrimination. After all, UT “has a right to have someone in that position that is going to comply with the university’s diversity policy.” (Hat Tip: Robert Salem of the University of Toledo).

Finally, President Jacobs, I would like for you to amend a statement you made earlier this year. The statement read: “University of Toledo employees can – and frequently do – speak with the media, except in cases where their statements or writing interfere with their ability to do their jobs.”

The statement should have read: “University of Toledo employees can – and frequently do – speak with the media, except in cases where their statements or writing interfere with the president’s political expression.”

I look forward to your timely response to my discriminatory opinion.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.