Mike Adams

I think we can all agree that Matt’s message was hate speech. And every time hate speech is uttered on a college campus one thing is certain: Somebody is entitled to get lots of free stuff from the tax-paying public.

The practice of universities giving free stuff to a whole group as a result of the victimization of one person in a group is something about which the public knows little. But the public should learn more about it because it explains so much of what happens on college campuses today. For example, it explains why feminists at Duke University are so upset when they find out a woman wasn’t really raped.

And at UNC-We Need More Hate Crimes (hereafter, UNCW) it explains why homosexuals were so upset when one student wrote the word (offensive term deleted) on a student’s apartment door. They weren’t really upset until they found out the student in the apartment was not gay, which meant it really wasn’t a hate crime and they wouldn’t get any free stuff from the university.

So, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and I have decided to demand the following from the university:

1. A Jesus Freak Resource Center. Clearly, we need a Jesus Freak Resource Center where we can avoid being referred to as dumb (offensive term deleted) Jesus freaks – when, in reality, we are only Jesus freaks. The blacks have their own center and they aren’t ever referred to as (offensive term deleted) unless they are talking to each other.

2. A Special Frank Turek Jesus Freak Lecture. I am asking Frank to come back next semester and I will submit a request to the university to help advertise his lecture. I will keep asking him back every semester until the university stops losing my emails.

3. Mandatory Attendance at #2. When I asked the crowd at Frank’s lecture on March 24th “How many of you are professors at UNCW?” only one (business professor) raised his hand. One professor out of 500 is pretty pathetic. So I’m going to ask that attendance at the next Turek lecture be made mandatory. We can start by making it mandatory for all the professors who make their students attend speeches and plays about vaginas. Maybe we’ll just make it mandatory for feminists, or “wo-mandatory.”

4. A Jesus Freak Resource Center Website. We’re demanding our own website so we can post contact information for Life Line Pregnancy Center. The Women’s Resource Center has been losing their emails (asking to be posted next to Planned Parenthood) for six years.

5. A Jesus Freak Hate Rock. We want Rosemary DePaolo to paint “f*** you, I bet you dont believe evolution either. How about you and your dumb f****** jesus freak friends go fall down some stairs” on a big rock outside her luxurious mansion. Then she can have illegal aliens spray paint over it to show that UNCW is committed to eradicating actual hate speech not just fake hate speech. Then, the illegal aliens can paint graffiti (in Spanish) on the side of Rosemary’s mansion to show that commitment to diversity is about more than just patronizing (oops!, I mean, matronizing) black people.

I look forward to hearing back from you, President Bowles. As head of the entire UNC system, I know you won’t let us down. As a matter of principle we need to end hate speech against Jesus freaks now. But, more importantly, I think Jesus freaks are victims entitled to lots of free stuff.

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Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.