Mike Adams

Recently, I gave a speech at Bucknell University, during which I urged responsible citizens to consider gun ownership – carefully explaining that certain people ought not to own firearms. I also urged those who would qualify to obtain a concealed carry permit (CCW). Finally, I talked about the need to change gun laws to stop mass murders inside “gun-free zones.”

Alexander Tristan Riley, a sociology professor at Bucknell, was “unable to attend” the talk but, nonetheless, offered a scathing criticism of the event in a letter to The Counterweight, which is Bucknell’s conservative student newspaper. In his letter, Alexander described my ideas on firearms as simple-minded. As an example, he claimed: “(Adams) believes that anyone who thinks that more effective record-keeping of firearms transactions is a good public policy idea is adequately described as ‘statist.’”

In reality, I referred to a woman who could not state unequivocally that a government form should not be required every time a weapon is taken from a gun safe as a “statist.” I added: “And if you cannot answer simple questions about gun control, you may be a statist, too.”

Obviously, I never said that “anyone” opposed to “more effective record-keeping” is a “statist.” This raises the question of whether Alexander Tristan Riley is illiterate or simply a liar. One can only assume the latter since he is writing letters to the editor about events he was “unable to attend.”

Alexander also stated that my idea that MLK Day should be replaced with a John Browning Day was “truly bizarre and ludicrous.” He tried to suggest that my reasoning for Browning Day was based solely on the fact that he invented a firearm responsible for killing more deer in America than any other. He failed to mention that my reasoning was also based on the fact that Browning’s inventions helped us preserve freedom (read: civil rights) for all by winning two world wars. This is approximately two more world wars than MLK helped us win – although I do acknowledge that he was our second greatest civil rights leader.

This kind of reporting by Alexander raises the question of whether he is illiterate or just very simple-minded. One can only assume the latter since he is writing letters to the editor about events he was “unable to attend.”

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.