Mike Adams

Last Thursday, I gave a speech at UNC-Charlotte called “Why Liberals Hate Freedom.” The main point of the speech was that “liberals” hate freedom because they are not really liberals. Unfortunately, during and after the Q and A things got heated with a few of the communists who decided to awaken from their drug-induced stupor and attend the speech.

Since I was overly harsh with most of them I would like to offer the following apology, which truly comes from the bottom of my heart:

I am sorry that communists actually exist in the United States of America – a nation so great that it must construct walls to keep people out.

I am sorry that these communists would like to turn this great nation into one that must construct walls to keep people in.

I am sorry that I sometimes end sentences with prepositions.

I am sorry that one of the communists attending my speech chose to accuse me of conflating the terms “communism” and "socialism.”

I am sorry that it is not possible to conflate synonyms.

I am sorry that, in my mind, I may have conflated the terms “imbecile” and “idiot” while the aforementioned communist was speaking.

I am sorry that the communist who falsely accused me of falsely accusing Hillary Rodham Clinton of being a Marxist has not bothered to read her Master’s thesis or “her” book,

It Takes a Village.

I am sorry but it takes a family, not a village, to raise a child.

I am sorry that the communist on the back row pretended not to understand that the main point I was making with regard to Clinton was: There is already a trend towards socialism in America, which will be accelerated sharply if Clinton is elected president.

I am sorry that the aforementioned communist instead chose to claim that I said “Clinton will seize control of all private industry as soon as she takes office.”

I am sorry that communists are unable to address smart arguments from capitalists, opting instead to refute dumb arguments that no one else but communists are making.

I am sorry that the communist love of straw man arguments is symbolic of the fact that communists are living in a make-believe world with make-believe enemies.

I am sorry that my articulation of the above observation caused this particular communist to scurry out the back door of the auditorium while I engaged in a rational point-by-point refutation of his “arguments.”

I am sorry that they don’t make communists like they use to.

I am sorry that I sometimes end sentences with prepositions.

I am sorry that I sometimes repeat myself.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.