Mike Adams

I’m beginning to feel sorry for Julio Pino. After his department chair “outed” him as the man behind the pro-Jihadist website “Global War” he’s apparently been getting some threatening messages from people not tolerant of the religion that likes to kill innocent Christians and Jews. (That’s Islam just in case you’re a college student who has not yet been exposed to that aspect of the “religion of peace” in your Middle Eastern Studies class).

Julio admitted his involvement with “Global War” in a recent interview with Fox News. Because there is no evidence whatsoever that anyone else has posted original writing or news stories on the site, Julio is apparently taking all of the heat for its highly disturbing material. Nonetheless, he’s managed to paint himself as a victim.

Julio’s statement to Fox saying that his critics do not want him to say “anything at all” is an indication that we are dealing with a man who has more in common with Charles Manson than just a pair of hypnotic eyes, which suggest a lack of mental stability.

Manson, too, managed to provide his critics with a plethora of evidence suggesting that he suffered from delusions of persecution – not to mention delusions of grandeur. This was while he simultaneously tried to get other people to launch a Global War (Manson used the term “Helter Skelter” not “Jihad”) because he was simply too cowardly to commit the murders himself.

Julio Pino’s whining, effeminate tone suggests that he is ill prepared for what is about to happen to him in the coming weeks and months. A brief summary of what he can expect follows:

1. A thorough FBI investigation will soon be underway. I met with the FBI last week and they are indeed taking Pino seriously. It is believed that Pino is in direct contact with terrorist organizations abroad and an investigation will help decide whether those suspicions are warranted.

2. A thorough investigation by the State of Ohio will soon be underway. Legislators contacted me last week with an interest in investigating Pino. If the pro-Jihadist activity is linked to Kent State equipment, they will seek a revocation of his tenure – a move, which, by the way, I support fully. I have sent evidence to the legislature already.

3. DrAdams.org will soon launch a “redneck Jihad” on Julio Pino via its email newsletter. Sign up here for occasional updates. This newsletter will be supported by former Kent State donors who are upset with the university’s demonstrably false assertion that Pino was not linked to the “Global War” blog.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.