Mike Adams

One could almost understand his initial reluctance to answer questions about his connection to the Jihadist website known as “Global War.” After all, the initial accusations that he gives comfort and aid to our enemies were all made by people who write while wearing their pajamas.

But I became 100% convinced of his connection to the site – the one that encourages Jihad and helps people learn how to make bombs – when I read the April 2006 Columbus Dispatch article by Kathy Lynn Gray. The damning portion is reproduced below:

Kent State University has been dealing for several years with the case of a Muslim professor, Julio Pino, who calls himself "the most dangerous Muslim in America."

Pino, a tenured associate history professor, angered some faculty members in 2002 when he wrote a column in the school newspaper that was an ode to a Palestinian suicide bomber. Pino called the bomber a martyr.

English professor Lewis Fried called on the university to fire Pino, but Kent State President Carol Cartwright said at the time that the school supports the free exchange of ideas.

Pino now has a blog on the Internet where he writes that U.S. servicemen are butchers who massacre Iraqis and urges readers to "join the Islamic resistance."

Pino said yesterday he had no comment. - kgray@dispatch.com

By the way, the “most dangerous Muslim in America” line came right from the “Global War” blog site. His response of “no comment” can be roughly translated as follows: “(Expletive) you, infidel. I have tenure.”

But it gets worse. On my second of three calls this week to the Department of History, I laid out my accusations on Julio’s voice mail. He declined to comment. His silence can be roughly summarized as follows: “(Expletive) you, infidel. I have tenure.”

And then Fox News got involved with an invitation to Pino to debate me on “Fox News Live” Thursday morning (March 1st). He declined Fox, which can be roughly translated as: “(Expletive) you, infidel. I have tenure.”

Next in line was the staff of Special Report with Britt Hume. When they somehow got through to him directly, Pino refused to deny his association with the “Global War” blog – a refusal which can be roughly translated as: “(Expletive) you, infidel. I have tenure.”

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.