Mike Adams


Dear Chris,

Gender is relevant to the definition of marriage. Race is not. Hence, the court was racist to interject race where it was not relevant. You, too, are guilty of interjecting race where it is not relevant. You, too, are a racist. Any other questions?

Mike S. Adams

From: tstratton@copper.net
Subject: Townhall.com Columnist Mail for Mike S. Adams: Re: My Conversion to Radical Islam

dear sir,

you are lost in your judgement,your theology, and behavior as a man and an American, I can only have pity on you. remember what a man sows......he will also reap......and that is the truth.

T. Stratton

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your jockey strap.

Dr. Abdul Muhammad Adams

Try as you might, you will never measure up to Ann Coulter. She's much more clever, much better looking, and far more intelligent. Sorry, Mike, 'ol boy.

Oh, and you'll also never be President. Poor you. :(

Transgendered Tony

I agree wholeheartedly, Tony. I could never be Ann Coulter without having my genitalia removed. But it may help my chances of winning California in 2008.


p.s. I wish we would have met earlier. I could have saved you money on your operation - the parts, if not the labor.

Mr. Adams: You're [sic] columns are among the most insensitive I have ever read. George Will and other true conservatives must be embarrased [sic] by your rants. Have you given no thought to the needs os [sic] the many young boys who are experiencing gender identity crises?


Hi Lauren. I agree with you that young boys experiencing gender identity confusion have special needs. I have given the matter considerable thought. I think a young boy who thinks he's a girl needs a serious ass whipping. Parents who hear a child whining that he feels like a girl trapped in a boy's body should attend to his needs by whipping his ass immediately.

As you can see, Lauren, I've given serious thought to this matter. Is there any other subject about which you wish to survey my thoughts or feelings?

Mike Adams

You are a bigot! Why didm'n't [sic] you have posters of hetero's [sic] with multiple partners?


Hi Rick. I didn't have those posters because the office of campus diversity doesn't fund them. That's because heterosexuals don't ask them to.

That's how we're different. Get it?


You mean THE University pays for homo sex but not hetero sex? You are a liar! Yet another southern idiot!

Of course, it's those damn homos again. They're ruining America.

Oh, no, its really the so-called Christian right that is ruining this country.

Ask anybody on the street. Anybody except in the "ignorant south" where they lack any intelligence.

Where was the Ipod invented? Certainly not North Carolina!

Those southern Christian states contribute nothing to our country except racism and bigotry.


I agree, Rick. We could all use intelligent gay Yankee atheists to teach us to be more tolerant. Just like you. Thanks for the reminder.


Dr. Adams:

I just want you to know that I took my daughter to her first war protest recently. I am raising her to counteract the destruction done by war mongering anti-feminists like yourself.


Hi Allison. Thanks for keeping me updated on all the milestones in your feminist daughter's life. Please write back after she has her first abortion.

Mike Adams

Dr. Adams:

I dont [sic] particulary [sic] unnderstand [sic]the purpose of your article except to explain… well, to say that you are Christian [sic], that you were once an atheist, and plug a book.

I do have one simple question for you, answer it truthfully (ie without religious fever [sic]) and you may ask me a question in return, but i[sic] must warn you, im [sic] agnostic, not atheist, therefore any questions about wether [sic] i [sic] feel there is a higher being, or if jesus [sic] is my personal savior or any of those other tired questions i [sic]get from the evangelical Christian [sic] base will be answered simulary… [sic]the truth of god [sic] is so far beyond you, me, or a book, you embarress [sic] yourself to think or speak otherwise.

my question: do you support seperation [sic] of church and state?


Hi Jake: No, I do not support the separation of church and state. Instead, I support the separation of atheist and spell-checker.

Mike Adams

Dear Dr. Adams: I recently read your article on collect [sic] guns. You gave several recommendations for home defense. Since you're such a right-wing nut job, why don't you just use a Howitzer for home protection? Wing-nut a**hole!


Hi Harry: I do not use a Howitzer for home protection because - in addition to killing the intruder, of course - it would harm innocent people who are rightfully in the household. Also, the Howitzer is not available for purchase by the general public. Those are my two reasons. That was an excellent question, Harry.

Mike Adams

Dr. Adams:

Just what exactly do you have against the feminist orgasm? I'd really like to know.


Hi Shawna:

I have nothing against the feminist orgasm because it does not exist. Being a feminist makes you hate men. Hating men keeps you from having orgasms. Hence the need for orgasm workshops on college campuses. Now, I have a question for you. What is an oxymoron? Here are some hints. Friendly fire, safe sodomy, President Clinton, feminist orgasm.

Mike Adams

Dr. Adams, why don't you just admit that one of your goals as a political pundit is to make yourself rich?


One of my goals as a political pundit is to make myself rich. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.


Mike Adams

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.