Mike Adams

In the nearly ten years since Jon Benet Ramsey’s death, I’ve spent little time pondering the identity of that little girl’s murderer. I’ve known the answer to that question for years. And so have you. But one time several years ago - during the height of the media coverage of the case - I did hear one interesting assertion about the parents of Jon Benet Ramsey; namely, that there was absolutely no evidence they had ever sexually abused their little girl.

When I heard the assertion that there was “absolutely no evidence” of sexual abuse of Jon Benet Ramsey, I immediately recalled a picture of the little girl when she was around the age of four. She was wearing a brightly colored strapless dress that matched her brightly colored lipstick. Her makeup was as heavy as that of any hooker or drag queen in San Francisco.

This begs a fundamental question: Are we sexually abusing our little girls when we dress them up to look like prostitutes? Of course, I would submit that we are.

Fortunately, when the Ramsey case broke it was very unusual to see a couple dressing a small child like a hooker. Unfortunately, today it is commonplace. An episode I witnessed the other day illustrates just how little parents seem to think before allowing their little girls to dress and carry themselves in an entirely-too-adult fashion.

On my daily jog though my neighborhood I ran by the house of a man I know fairly well. His garage door was open and music was blaring out of a jam box inside - in fact, the music was so loud it was barely recognizable. But I could tell the song was “These boots are made for walking,” which was popularized by Nancy Sinatra in the 1960s. His two grandchildren were dancing in the driveway to the recent remake of the tune, sung by Jessica Simpson.

As my neighbor’s two grandchildren were standing in the driveway - while gyrating their hips like a couple of prostitutes - I noticed they were both wearing cutoff “Daisy Duke” style short and halter tops. The oldest girl looked like she was wearing mascara. She is 11 years old, by the way. Her younger sister is nine.

There is obviously something very wrong psychologically with the parent who actually dresses a four year old girl like a prostitute. There is also something wrong with the parent who allows a nine or even an eleven year old girl to dress herself like one – not to mention carry herself like one, too. It is not cute. It is simply crude and indecent.

But there is more to the equation than bad taste, here. In today’s world, people who do not make sure their little girls are dressed like little girls are exposing them to extreme danger.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.