Mike Adams

Dear Christopher:I appreciate your recent email characterizing me as a “sick, twisted, homophobic, right-wing, piece of slime.” Compared with most of the homosexual hate mail I receive on an almost daily basis, yours was really quite articulate and civil. As such, it deserves a lengthy response.

After your initial string of epithets, you outlined an argument against my attitude towards the homosexual lifestyle. Your argument enumerated several assumptions and positions I hear in many letters from gay readers.

First of all, you argue that homosexuality is genetic, not learned. Since these sexual urges are “natural,” they are also “God-given” and, therefore, you say, should be acted upon. And, since I am critical of homosexuality, you assert that I am interfering with God’s will. Finally, since Jesus never explicitly criticized homosexuality, you conclude that I am “un-Christian” to do so.

The bulk of your argument can be discredited by considering the following true story that was told to me just a few weeks ago:

A 43 year old businessman was tired of working seventy hours a week and enjoying virtually no social life – especially since he was still a bachelor. So he decided to invite a couple of his neighbors to put aside their yard work and spend a Saturday at the beach throwing back beers and taking in the sun. Somehow, the neighbors both convinced their wives to let them go for the day.

By late morning, the beaches were filling up with girls in bikinis and the three musketeers were rating each one as she passed by. Just before noon, the bachelor saw a tanned blond in sunglasses who appeared to top them all. She was about 5’3”, maybe 110 pounds, and must have worn a size “D” cup. Without hesitation, he tapped one of his friends on the shoulder and said “Perfect 10! Kind of makes me want to go back to college.” Both of his friends soon lifted a thumb in concurrence with the judgment.

But then, something funny - funny “strange,” not funny “ha ha” - happened. As the tanned young blond approached, the businessman recognized the girl. She lived just down the street in his neighborhood and attended a local middle school. In fact, she was only in the eighth grade. As soon as he did the math and realized she was around 13 years old, he felt a sickness deep inside his stomach.

A few moments later, one of his married friends also recognized the girl as his 13 year old neighbor. He felt a similar sickness in his stomach. But neither of the first two guys felt as nauseated as the third. Within a few moments, he recognized the girl as his 13 year old daughter.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.