Mike Adams
Yesterday, I got an email from one of Georgia Tech’s gay activists. He wanted to inform me that signs saying “Support Intolerance: Join the College Republicans” were going up all over the Tech campus. When he invited me to join with the College Republicans “in support of intolerance” he meant to insult me. I took it as a compliment.

Currently, the Pride Alliance at Tech receives funding from the SGA. The College Republicans do not. Now that Tech has been sued by a Republican over the funding issue the tension is palpable. Gays and their allies are calling the suit “intolerant” because, among other things, it seeks to allow the Republican group to be funded on an equal footing with Tech’s homosexual group.

But the gays and their allies don’t want that. They want two things: 1) For the school to keep funding the Pride Alliance and 2) For the school to keep denying the Republicans equal funding.

The fact that the gays and their allies a) see themselves as open-minded for supporting a one-sided presentation of gay issues and b) see the Republicans as narrow-minded for supporting a more diverse presentation of viewpoints speaks volumes about both their intellectual prowess and emotional stability.

But pointing out the lack of intelligence and emotional grounding of the Georgia Tech Gay Gestapo isn’t enough to make them angry. The way to really make them mad is to point out their intolerance. Lately, that’s been easy to do.

Gay Yellow Jackets and their allies have started a campus group condemning a plaintiff in the lawsuit. They have sent emails to that plaintiff (from Georgia Tech addresses) saying things like “bitch I want to choke you.” Some have expressed a desire to throw acid in her face. They have posted pictures of her adorned with swastikas on the internet. They have also passed out posters in dorms calling her a “Twinkie bitch” – this to suggest that she is Asian on the outside and Caucasian on the inside.

In other words, these people are more than just dumb and emotionally unstable. They are also intolerant, not to mention violent.

I can’t help the Georgia Tech Gay Gestapo feel better about the dumb, unstable, and violent labels. They’ve earned them and they’re going to stick. But perhaps I can make them feel better about the attributions of intolerance by reminding them that I can be intolerant, too.

For example:

-I am intolerant of child rapists. I think they should receive mandatory minimums of 25 years.

-I am intolerant of racial segregationists. I think they should all lose their jobs as diversity experts.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.