Mike Adams

The fact that Scott continues to endorse a book that calls me and Jim and other gay and lesbian people "evil," and that he justifies this book on grounds that are ludicrous by scholarly standards, says to me this is about homophobia…This is a matter of professional standards and competence, and it is also a matter of harassment--of creating a hostile work environment insofar as part of our jobs (mine and Jim's, but also all the faculty's) is to use the library for both research and teaching.

Evie and Ted are investigating this matter with all appropriate gravity and diligence… Some of my senior colleagues intend to raise this issue in Monday's Faculty Assembly…

But the administration of OSU-Mansfield is even more arrogant than Dr. Jones. This following passage from the clearance letter is just too strange to make up:

Please note that we understand your [Scott Savage's] dissatisfaction and frustration with having to be brought into this investigation. As you know, though, the University has a compelling obligation to address allegations and suspected instances of discrimination/harassment when it obtains information THAT WOULD LEAD A REASONABLE PERSON TO BELIEVE THAT ITS POLICY HAD BEEN VIOLATED. (Emphasis added).

Since the gay thought police at OSU-Mansfield still don’t get it, I have decided to craft my own clearance letter for Scott Savage. This should put the entire ordeal to rest immediately:

Dear Scott:

Recently, a professor named JF Buckley accused you of sexual harassment for recommending a book with which he disagrees. He claims to have felt “harassed” and “threatened” because he is a gay man. That causal attribution is untrue. Professor Buckley feels that way because he is emotionally unstable.

It would be entirely reasonable for you to file charges of religious harassment against him – clearly if anyone has been harassed in this case it is you. But a judge would not likely find Professor Buckley competent to stand trial. He isn’t even competent enough to use a spell-checker. Furthermore, the stress of a trial would likely put him in a permanent catatonic state. Neither one of us wants to see him sitting in a padded room drooling and repeating phrases like “give me tolerance or give me shock treatment.”

As for Professor Jones’ charge of harassment, bear in mind that he is an Assistant Professor. He was just trying to use the incident for tenure and promotion purposes. In other words, he’s just a self-serving son of a bitch. If I were you, I would sue him for slander. I hope this helps, Scott. Keep the faith. You’re a great American.

I plan to send my letter to the entire faculty (faculty@mansfield.ohio-state.edu) of OSU-Mansfield. If you decide to write them, don’t say where you got their addresses. I don’t want to get sued for harassment and discrimination. Well, never mind. Now that I think about it, tell them Dr. Adams sent you.

Dr. Adams will speak at the University of Oregon on May 16th. Details will follow on his website.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.