Mike Adams
Dear Professor Phelps: Could you tell me whether you actually sent the following email to Professor JF Buckley (buckley.1@osu.edu) as well as the entire faculty of OSU-Mansfield (all@mansfield.ohio-state.edu)?:

How ludicrous to propose that every freshman should read a screed like The Marketing of Evil in order to introduce them to... the world of higher learning!

Ohio State policy, in particular the "Diversity Action Plan" (2000), includes "different sexual orientations" under the definition of "diversity" to which the institution is committed. It obliges us to foster a "campus culture of inclusion that creates a learning environment essential for educating students who will work and live in an increasingly diverse culture." (http://www.osu.edu/diversityplan/june_30.php) As employees of this university we ought to understand that we have a professional obligation to respect this institutional mission.

I agree wholeheartedly with Jim that a university library -- and our first-year book selection -- should be guided by the principles of enlightenment rather than ignorance, science as opposed to obscurantism, tolerance instead of bigotry, intellect in place of stupidity, and openness rather than small-mindedness.

Make no mistake, Jim: You are welcome at this university. It is bigotry that is unwelcome.

Christopher Phelps
Department of History

Thanks for your help,

Mike S. Adams

Dear Professor Hamlin: Could you please explain your following email? I don’t understand how you could be so vocal on the issue of tolerance yet so unwilling to allow a librarian to recommend books you don’t like? Am I to infer from your message that you believe a book-burning is in order?

Fr: hamlin.22@osu.edu
Cc: all@mansfield.ohio-state.edu

Chris puts the matter very well, and he certainly speaks for me and others as well, I'm sure. Indeed, with its CARE forums, guest lectures, extracurricular cultural events, and various on campus and outreach programs, I think that OSU-Mansfield is increasingly developing a reputation as a [sic] institution committed to championing diversity of all kinds. The one thing "diversity" does not include is intolerance.


Dear Professor Phelps: I would like to get you to comment on JF Buckley’s reference to religious persecution in the following email. Isn’t that what you are doing to Scott Savage?

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.