Light in August

Mike Adams

8/1/2005 12:00:00 AM - Mike Adams

I write a lot of articles criticizing my administration for a simple reason: they deserve it. Our administrators make a lot of bad decisions, too many of which are born of unmitigated ideological bigotry. But, occasionally, you have to praise them for making a good decision. I just wish moments like this would come more often.

On August 18th, when classes resume at UNC-Wilmington, Susan Bullers, an Associate Professor of Sociology, will begin her duties as the new Director of our university?s Women?s Resource Center (WRC). This will mark the end of a four-year reign of ideological terror, which has crippled the WRC since it was established in 2001.

During the last four years, it is difficult to decide which WRC incident (often discussed in my weekly column) was the greatest source of embarrassment for the university or which provided the greatest evidence of feminist fanaticism run amok.

I mention all of these embarrassing episodes for a reason: I think Susan Bullers is far too smart, too reasonable, and too level-headed to allow WRC facilities and funds to be abused like this in the future.

This is not to say that Bullers is some sort of a conservative or even a moderate. I consider her to be a liberal (and know she is a Democrat). But she is well-qualified to hold an administrative position in the diversity movement by virtue of the fact that she is not an extremist. That is, of course, good news.  Reasonable people know that where extremists rule, there can be no diversity of ideas.

And that is why the diversity movement should be handed over to people more like Bullers and less like her WRC predecessors. Some examples follow:

None of the professors I just mentioned are conservative Republicans, but all have unique qualities and can play an important role in restoring dignity to our university in a time of unprecedented constitutional chaos.

Maybe some leftists who read this article will finally understand what the booming campus conservative movement is all about. We are not demanding affirmative-action style quotas for Republicans. We don?t want to start firing extreme leftist professors. We don?t want to ban fanatics like Eve Ensler from appearing on campus.

What we are demanding is a reasonable attempt to restore intellectually honest debate on our campuses. And we are demanding that it take place in an environment where administrators refrain from endorsing the ideas they love and suppressing the ideas they despise.

With this latest administrative appointment, my university can now begin to slowly crawl back towards the realm of academic sanity where ideas may be freely exchanged without fear of government-imposed retribution.

Nonetheless, we are still a long, long way from home.