Mike Adams
I met Ben Shapiro last year when we both spoke on Capitol Hill at an event sponsored by Accuracy in Academia. For those who don?t know, Ben is an underachiever. At 21, he is a Harvard Law Student, a nationally syndicated columnist, and now the author of his second book, Porn Generation. I didn?t think that Ben could juggle his responsibilities as a first-year law student and write a second book as well-researched and provocative as his first book, Brainwashed (which catapulted to # 4 on Amazon.com last summer). I was wrong.

With the publication of Porn Generation, Ben is now, in my opinion, among the three most notable writers in America in terms of his willingness and effectiveness in combating the dangerous effects of moral relativism upon our nation?s youth. Like those other two writers -David Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin - he writes both with skill and courageous compassion. That is why he is being so viciously attacked for his efforts. There is no better indication that he - like Limbaugh and Malkin - is doing God?s work in an increasingly godless society.

My reaction to Porn Generation was different than the reaction I experienced reading Ben?s first book. That?s because there is less humor to be found in this second, and, probably, more important, book. In the book?s opening pages, Ben sets a serious tone, talking about Moynihan?s concept of ?defining deviancy down? and incorporating a discussion of Wolfe?s I Am Charlotte Simmons.

In the second chapter, Ben observes that ?(t)he ?have sex as soon as you?re ready? logic also means that having sex becomes a mark of maturity. Those who are more mature and mentally prepared will have sex younger. Those who wait until marriage to have sex, conversely, must be immature social outcasts or for some reason unprepared.? This emphasis on the sexualization of children is the most consistent and important theme in the book. Shapiro?s logical clarity is also reminiscent of Peter Kreeft?s indispensable work, How to Win the Culture War.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.