Mike Adams

"Professor Christensen's views are not those held by the overwhelming majority of Americans. She presents alternative views that many find repugnant. There is no question but that students in her classes hear views and opinions different from the mainstream. It should be noted that our students are intelligent and thoughtful. They can, and often do, disagree with Professor Christensen, without academic penalty. Many students find themselves upset at the opinion and commentary that they are uncritical, or can be brainwashed."

Note that Newbould states that students "often" disagree without penalty. Does that mean that they sometimes, or perhaps often, disagree with penalty?

I suspect that Newbould chooses his words carefully because he knows that a recent complaint against Christensen (alleging viewpoint discrimination) was quickly dismissed by university officials. But what will he do if other complaints are lodged in the near future? Will it be harder to dismiss them now that the whole country is watching?

Newbould continues:

"As an institution, we do not require our faculty or students to accept, or reject, any particular academic or political theory. We endeavor to ensure, however, that what is taught accords with the standards of each profession and discipline. In response to the many concerns raised about Dr. Christensen's coursework, North Carolina Wesleyan College will be asking a team of respected Political Scientists to evaluate, out of the glare of publicity, the academic appropriateness and integrity of Professor Christensen's approach to teaching. Dr. Christensen has also suggested that this approach would be helpful. Sound and thoughtful review by external examination will guide our approach to this matter."

The idea of calling in "a team of respected Political Scientists" to evaluate "the academic appropriateness and integrity of Professor Christensen's approach to teaching" is simply hysterical. It reminds me of the time I saw a large dog defecate a few yards in front of me on a jogging trail. Rather than call in a team of experts to perform tests on the fecal matter, I just stepped out of the way. In other words, I know fecal matter when I see it. President Newbould's capacity for fecal identification is not so well-developed.

Of course, this proposed evaluation is simply a stall tactic by an administration hoping that its greatest ever PR disaster will simply go away. After all, Christensen admits the following in regard to one of her courses: "This course is outside the scope of traditional 'political science' in many ways. First it is 'unscientific' in that it relies much on eyewitness accounts and speculation."

And that is probably why Jane Christensen believes that the Bush administration staged the attacks of 911 and that "the 'Holocaust' was the greatest hoax of all." She is a "speculator," not a scientist.

But you can't tell that to Jane Christensen. She says that criticism of her courses is part of "a war by the extreme right wing motivated by the Zionists to quash academic freedom on campus." And when I offered her a chance to rebut my criticisms of her, here is what she had to say: "Sorry, Mike, you destructive bastard. You've just played your hand. F*** you."

Let me say for the record that I am not part of a right-wing Zionist conspiracy, aimed at keeping people like Jane Christensen out of our institutions of higher learning. To the contrary, I think that Jane Christensen belongs in an institution. She could hardly function anywhere else.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.