Mike Adams

Haq: ...we actually very much embrace whoever ?if they happen to be Muslim, whatever, another example is that you said that there is 1 Republican and 10 Democrats?ooooh; does that mean we should have a quota system for Republicans?

Adams: Finally a question. No. Do I believe in a quota system? No. What is your purpose in asking that? I see you're very angry tonight and by getting up and...

Haq: I?m just asking you that when you talk about a free exchange of ideas, you seem to then not demonstrate by your own attitude over here that you are not interested in a free exchange of ideas. ?Why is it that free speech is also equated with agreeing with your values? What you seem to be doing is saying there is only one right way of thinking. There are 10 Democrats?(yelling and screaming) YOU SAID, YOU SAID?

Adams: Here?s your problem. You just invented a position. You just said, ?do you believe in quotas?" What is the sense of inventing a position and attaching me to it? What would you think if I said...?

Haq: (begins screaming and then starts singing to drown out Dr.Adams)

Adams: I?m going to finish! Is this a shouting contest?

Haq: (more screaming)

Adams: You?re in a good mood tonight aren?t you? What if I asked, ?do you believe in raping children?? What is the purpose of making up an absurd position and asking me if I support it? I?ve made no mention of the possibility of supporting a quota system. You?re having an argument with a different person who isn't here. And the thing that you fail to recognize-because you?re blinded by hostility-is the fact that in each and every single one of these episodes I?ve been involved in (and discussed tonight), we?ve worked together and expanded the marketplace of ideas. We did not contract it when the other side was trying to shoot us down. Did you see me trying to shut down the liberal paper? Did you see me trying to shut down the gay pride week? No! In every case, I expanded the marketplace of ideas and if you have a problem with that, you don?t understand the First Amendment at all! I?ve expanded in every case, the marketplace of ideas, what?s the problem?

Audience: (applause)

Haq: The problem is you?re demagogue-ing and a demagogue...

Adams: Well you?re mean. Let's just argue like six-year-olds. Next question.

To be continued?

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Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.