Mike Adams
If you want to see how the diversity movement is eroding the critical thinking skills of college students, just pick up a copy of your local college newspaper. Recently, I picked up a copy of the UNCW Seahawk. I?m still recovering.

In the Seahawk ?To the Editor? section, I read a letter entitled ?Get over it ? diversity is good for you.? The testy (not to mention condescending) author of the letter was responding to another letter writer who opposed lower admission standards as a means of increasing black enrollment.

The response said, in part, ?You assume we would have to lower UNCW's standards of academic excellence to allow a higher entry of minority students - insinuating that there aren't a large amount of minority students that meet the standard set at UNCW.?

Re-read that statement and think about it for a moment. A student defending our diversity program, which already uses lower admissions standards for minorities, is saying; 1) we don?t have to lower academic standards to allow more minority students, and 2) there are already large numbers of minority students that meet university standards.

This kind of logic often appears when white liberals try to help minorities. They know that every time the ?help? takes the form of lowering standards, they are contributing to negative stereotypes of the group they claim to assist. That makes them feel bad, so they remind us that their ideas are not really necessary. They are just ?good for us all.?

The author of this particular letter, a social work student (that?s a shocker!), says it this way: ?Your mom used to make you eat your vegetables. No, you didn't like it, and it wasn't comfortable. She did it because she knows vegetables are good for you. So, UNCW is forcing you to expose yourself to new cultures. No, it's not comfortable at first, but in the long run: It's good for you!?

In case you don?t understand diversity-speak, here?s the English translation: ?I believe in equality of people and equality of cultures and I know the best way to promote it because I am smarter than you. In fact, I am your mommy. If you don?t agree with me (and eat your diversity vegetables) you will be sent to your room without any supper. Now shut up and go to your room! And celebrate diversity, damn you!?

Whenever I read such letters, I wonder how they make it into the campus paper. But then I read articles by the Seahawk staff and I remember that severe intellectual hernia and fanatical intolerance (in the name of tolerance) are actually prerequisites for publication in our student paper.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.