Mike Adams
Recently, pro-life activist Camille De Blasi wrote a letter accusing me of irresponsible journalism which, according to her, has contributed to slander against Gonzaga University President Robert Spitzer.

In the letter, De Blasi falsely claims that I wrote an editorial which ?compares Father Spitzer to the KKK.? The line from my editorial actually reads as follows: ?Gonzaga University is committed to Catholic values like the KKK is committed to racial equality.?

The comparison doesn?t attack (or even mention) Spitzer. It simply characterizes Gonzaga University as out of step with Catholic values. I stand by that statement. And so do others. That is why the College Republicans have invited me to speak at Gonzaga University in April. Needless to say, I have accepted the offer.

De Blasi?s mischaracterization of the KKK reference raises questions about her ethics, if not her literacy. And the following quote leaves no doubt that her incompetence as a researcher in no way impedes her self-righteous condescension:

?A little bit of research at Gonzaga reveals that, although there are some pro-choice students who gather at Gonzaga's Law School (something which is impossible to prevent), no group which promotes or advocates abortion has received recognition or financing from the university. We trust that the news sources which have been spreading these false rumors will conduct the same research that we did and correct this serious error in their reporting.?

But Gonzaga Law School does recognize a student chapter of the ACLU. Does De Blasi contend that the ACLU is not a ?group which promotes or advocates abortion?? Note that my original article referred to ?homosexual and abortion rights and the student clubs that support these causes.?

Because I referred to ?groups advocating abortion rights,? instead of abortion (as De Blasi suggests) my point about the ACLU chapter at Gonzaga cannot be seriously challenged. Perhaps De Blasi will ?correct this serious error in (her) reporting.?

Interestingly, De Blasi makes no mention of the other Gonzaga law school groups one discovers by engaging in ?just a little research.? If she did, she might better comprehend the central thesis of my two articles on the subject. For example:

The Sexual Orientation Diversity Alliance. This group seeks to foster ?a sense of community among students and staff of all sexual orientations by providing support and promoting visibility??. What was I saying about Catholic values?

The Multicultural Law Caucus. This is ?a non-profit student run organization focused on community building.? Remember; Catholic values are no better than any other values! Celebrate diversity!

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.