Mike Adams
Hi Roger! As you may know, I often post my responses to hate mail like yours on my website, http://www.DrAdams.org. You may also know that the responses are often curt and sarcastic. But, Roger, since your intellectual prowess was so obvious from the opening line of your missive, I feel obligated to give you a more thoughtful response.

I trust you are telling the truth when you say you have never been as offended as you were after you saw my appearance on Fox News? Heartland (with John Kasich) on Saturday night. Your statement that my ?attack on moral relativism? was ?completely unacceptable? and demonstrated that I am nothing but a ?racist,? a ?sexist,? a ?homophobe,? and ?mentally unstable? was convincing. You have clearly shown your commitment to moral relativism by refusing to judge me in any way. I thank you for your intellectual honesty.

Having done hours of research on the performing arts yesterday, I now realize that I was wrong to judge a graduate student at UCLA for bringing a loaded gun into his performing arts class and playing Russian roulette in front of the audience. I was also wrong to judge him for firing a bullet from the gun after his successful skit. I say ?successful? because he was not killed after he put the gun to his temple and pulled the trigger.

Since offending you with my ill-considered statements, I have also learned where this UCLA graduate student may have gotten the idea to play Russian roulette in front of his classmates. It seems that his professor, an HIV-positive gay man, once cut himself open and bled (HIV-positive blood flowing from one of his tattoos) in front of a live audience. Another UCLA professor once allowed himself to be shot in the arm with a rifle in an art gallery as a means of ?artistic expression.?

Clearly, I have underestimated the importance of sado-masochism in higher education. And I am certainly impressed with UCLA as an institution of higher learning. In fact, that is where I want to send my children for an education.

Speaking of sending your kids to college, I noticed that you said you would never send your kids to my university (UNC-Wilmington) because of my opposition to firing loaded weapons in the classroom. I believe you said that I was too ?close-minded.? Of course, you are free to assume that the other 400 professors at my school favor the display and firing of weapons in class as a means of ?artistic expression.? You are also free to set your goals high by refusing to tolerate any school where less than 100% of the faculty ?tolerates? the use of loaded weapons in class. None of that upsets me.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.