Mike Adams

The amount will be small at first. But since the recipient of the proceeds will be our nation?s military, it will be the federal government?s responsibility to collect the funds. The agency, which I call our Incremental Revolution Service, will be with us for all of time. We will win this war with the funds the Service collects. But when the war is over, the Service will remain. No government office, once established, ever shuts its doors. This is not a rule. It is a law. It is the foundation of our cause. If it were not true, our efforts would surely fail.

But we must be cautious once the mechanism is in place. We will win this war without question. And after it is over, we are likely to experience an expansion in our economy. We must resist the temptation to increase the portion of our incomes to be given to the Service. People will begin to ask questions if we do not lay low. We must run a stealth operation for years. Once people are accustomed to doing without a very small part of their earnings, they will cease to ask questions.

Brothers, pushing the envelope will mean generating debate. We cannot survive if a debate ever takes place. The illusion of a government?s rights, wholly our invention, must be nurtured with care. We can say they are entitled to something but it must be a modest amount. It must be something the people can do without, but nothing more.

So, how long must we be patient? How long will all this take?

Quiet, please! My time is not yet up, although I will consent to answer your question.

Following a military victory, we should expect an economic expansion. But following the economic expansion, they will become careless. And that is when we will strike! It is in a time of depression that we must experiment with the new world order to a far greater degree. And the Service will feed our experiment.

But that is not really true. It is the people who will feed the experiment. It is the workers.

Quiet, please! I have not finished, although you are right in spirit. It is those with jobs who will feed the experiment. But those without them will demand cooperation, at least for a time. That is my vision of how things will unfold.

Who can say what will come in time? Maybe another global conflict will be needed someday to end an economic depression. But, if so, we will be able to demand even more in the name of patriotism!

But isn?t there a point where the producers will revolt? Isn?t there a limit to how far we can go?

Brothers, by the look in your eyes, and by your desire to interrupt me, it seems I finally have your attention. I hope I have your complete attention. This is where the picture we are painting becomes a masterpiece.

When we reach the point where the producers in our society begin to clamor, we will introduce the notion of the Service refund. We will offer them to firemen, to teachers, to those with small children, college children, and so on. We will offer them in bunches.

But who will pay for them?

The wealthy will pay, of course. A handful of these refunds, if carefully crafted, will be financed by only a small increase in the rate of contribution demanded of the very wealthiest among us.

But what makes you think they will pay?

They will have to pay. Do you know what you are saying? They will not only look down the barrel of a gun in the hands of a Service agent, but they will be hated by the masses. They will be hated by the masses because, by then, the universities will have long been under our control. Otherwise, these professors would be useless. Useless idiots, I daresay. But we will put them to work for our cause. We will offer them a lifetime of secure employment in exchange for their help with our cause. And, in the end, they will be indispensable to the new world order.

The system will be so widespread and so complex that no one will understand it, though it will control their very lives. The people will be completely under our control. Anything we want to achieve will be within our grasp. Any goal we want to accomplish will only be a refund away. We will control the masses like rats in a maze. They will be like pigeons pecking for food pellets!

But we must be careful that our pellets keep them pecking. Their pecking must never cause us to give them food.

Some day, I envision a country where people work to raise a government, not a family. That is our final destination. The state, not the family, will be the center of our new world order.

Your time is up.

Thank you my brothers. Thank you for listening.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.