Mike Adams
Please, please, all of you. Be seated now. Quiet down and be seated at once.

I cannot expect you to agree with all I have to say but, please, in the name of God, or of mankind, better yet, in the name of the revolution, let me speak. Let me speak this once, and I will never ask anything of you again.

I ask for only thirty minutes of your time. For what we decide in these few hours will change the course of human history. The effects of the course of action we choose will be irreversible. Now is not the time for irrational thinking. We cannot allow our legacy to be the product of some immediate or overwhelming interest, which distorts our judgment. Our effect upon history cannot be accidental. Our every move must be strictly calculated for maximum effect.

But a full-scale revolution is the course of action chosen by our brothers across the ocean. Clearly, within the course of a year, the streets of their cities will be irrigated not only with alcohol but with blood. It is the blood of your brothers I ask you, paradoxically, to consider as we chose another, but ultimately more reliable, course of action.

The conditions existing in their nation do not exist in ours. There is suffering in our streets, to be sure. But it is not of the scope and magnitude required for such drastic action. We must move slowly and carefully so we do not warn our oppressors. We must either slit their throats in the dead of night or keep them wholly ignorant of our intentions. Just as there can be no compromise with our ideas, there can be no moderation with our actions.

This nation will soon be at war and emotions will run high as the sons of our neighbors are taken from their homes to defend the interests of those we despise. We must not be ruled by our emotions, but, instead, we must play upon the emotions of others. We must turn our thirst for blood, which is potentially our greatest enemy, into our greatest ally in the long march towards the common destiny we all share.

The best way to implement our system is to start now. We must, in the name of national patriotism, offer a portion, only a small portion, of our incomes to support our troops in the coming time of war. We must begin with a grass roots movement no one will be able to resist. We will ultimately destroy the existing order, by beginning with an appeal to patriotism. That is the brilliance of our plan. It is our only hope.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.