Mike Adams

Unlike most of the cases that are brought to me from other universities, I actually know your professor personally. By the way, your assessment of her is fully accurate. If it makes you feel better, this is a professor who once suggested that we should initiate ?all women? armies in order to put an end to war ?once and for all.? She also takes offense at breast implants for women while fully supporting the rights of trans-gendered persons to have sex changes. I guess that, as a ?sexuality? expert, she knows what?s breast for everyone.

Granted, you did not know that your professor was an idiot before you took the class, but that is what you get for taking more sociology classes than you were required to take in the university basic studies program. Before you sign up for another sociology elective, remember that sociologists have failed to solve any of the major social problems that they have studied over the last century. In fact, as a general rule, the more that they study a problem, the worse it gets.

That may also be one reason why many sociologists are jumping on the bandwagon of moral relativism. As the problems they study get worse, there is a growing incentive to reclassify them as ?non-problems.? That partially explains why homosexuality is no longer considered to be a behavioral disorder.

In addition to making a bad decision in signing up for ?The Sociology of Gender,? you could have made a much better choice of universities. I am sure you now know that your school recently sponsored a ?Queer Film Festival.?

One of the festival?s films was about the ?sexually charged worlds of male impersonators, actors and affluent women looking for female companionship.? Another was ?a brilliant, in-your-face film made especially memorable for improvisational moments that expose audience assumptions about being gay and disabled.? That film starred a gay man with cerebral palsy. Finally, one of the films told the story of ?how a volleyball team composed mostly of transvestite gays and one trans-sexual competed in the 1996 national championships? bringing ?the issue of male effeminacy into a new light.?

Allen, I know that you are planning to attend graduate school in the future. Before you apply for graduate school, do a complete search of the webpage of each university you are considering. If they sponsor things like ?Queer Film Festivals? move on to your next choice. And after you graduate from your current institution, make sure that you send them a donation for $.02. Then really put in your ?two cents worth? by placing a note in the envelope saying ?donation to the ?Queer Film Festival.?? And, finally, ask them to mail you a receipt for your donation. That means that they will incur a loss of $.35 for every $.02 donation you make.

Someday, our universities will learn that the public does not want to fund ?sexuality? and ?gender? studies and ?queer film festivals.? Until then, it promises to be a long semester. Hang in there.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.