Mike Adams

But, of course, when a university covers a debate using only one speaker who represents the views of the administration, unchecked stupidity is bound to occur. It all reminds me of the university?s ?Great Affirmative Action Debate? of 1999 featuring a single speaker. She was black, female, and pro-affirmative action. Was that really a debate? I guess it all depends on what the definition of ?debate? is.

The university?s press release said that Sullivan focused the end of his lecture on the ?pursuit of happiness? clause in the Constitution. Wouldn?t it have been better to spend $10,000 on a speaker who knew that there is no such clause in the Constitution? Most high school students know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Shouldn?t a highly paid liberal gay activist know the difference, too? After all, he does claim a constitutional right to sodomy and gay marriage, doesn?t he?

The university press release said that the turnout for the event was good. I trust that you had more than the 100 people who attended George Mitchell?s recent $40,000 (one hour) critique of Bush?s policies in Iraq. That was a real bargain for the taxpayers.

Finally, the university press release stated that ?The Leadership Lecture Series strives to create dialogue about issues at the forefront of current society. By inviting a speaker, the university does not endorse any particular position.?

If the university does not endorse a position on gay issues, then why did the Chancellor?s Office twice deny my request to put references on the ?diversity? office?s website to books opposing homosexuality from a religious perspective? They already had sixteen references supporting homosexuality from a religious perspective. Does your administration sponsor a particular form of religion; namely, pro-gay religion?

And why did the ?forum? on gay marriage present only one view? And why do we hire gay preachers to preach on campus in favor of gay rights? And why is another gay speaker coming to campus on ?coming out? day? And why did ?parent?s weekend? feature the Indigo Girls? And why has the university purchased magazines featuring gays engaging in sodomy? And who placed them in the lobby of the university union last April?

The end of this preposterous and propagandistic press release states that ?the next event in the (Leadership Lecture) series is ?Battle for God,? a talk Monday, Oct. 25 to be given by former nun and best-selling author Karen Armstrong.? Is that speech supposed to be about fundamentalism in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam? Is this just another attempt to oppose religious fundamentalism and promote moral relativism? Will Armstrong try to tell us that we have to fear fundamentalist Christians just as much as fundamentalist Muslims? Will she talk about gay marriage, again? And, finally, is Karen Armstrong another ?conservative? speaker, in your opinion?

So, here are my suggestions, Chancellor. Please choose whichever one is easiest:

1. Just admit that the university sponsors one view on gay marriage and actively suppresses all others, or

2. Show that the administration truly understands free speech by actually presenting an idea that the liberal administration does not embrace, or

3. Hire a public relations specialist who can do a better job of denying the fact that the administration violates the Unites States Constitution (not the Declaration of Independence) in its unwillingness to seriously consider suggestion 2.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.