Mike Adams

I used to subscribe to the local newspaper, which is affiliated with the New York Times (NYT). In fact, I used to write an occasional editorial for them. That was when I was a liberal.

After I came to my senses and joined the vast right wing conspiracy (which I found out about from Hillary Clinton) I still submitted a couple of editorials to the local paper. The editorial page editor wasn?t quite as friendly after I made my switch. In fact, he even swore at me once when I asked him whether he wanted an editorial submitted in Word Perfect or Microsoft Word. Now, he has stopped running my editorials altogether.

I also remember the time that the local NYT affiliate ran an editorial accusing Billy Graham of anti-Semitism. I wrote the editorial page editor asking whether he would also run an article accusing Jesse Jackson of anti-Semitism. The editor was so enraged that he actually called my office and interrupted an advising meeting with one of my students. After yelling at me like a spoiled child, he eventually slammed down the phone. But he did have the decency to run my letter to the editor highlighting some of Jesse Jackson?s most virulently anti-Semitic quotes.

While those two incidents now make me laugh, our local NYT affiliate pulled a stunt last year that I will never consider funny.  It began when a professor named Dick Veit ran a letter to the editor accusing the UNC-Wilmington College Republicans (a group I advise) of trying to exclude Blacks and Jews from membership in their club.

After Viet publicly defamed these college students (who were merely seeking to exclude Democrats from the club), they asked for an opportunity to rebut his contrived charges of racism and anti-Semitism. The club?s president took time away from his studies to write a rebuttal, which our local NYT affiliate never printed, although they had promised that they would.

Interestingly, on the very page that featured Veit?s defamatory letter, another letter was published that falsely portrayed a UNC-Wilmington professor as religious. The editorial page ran an apology for the false accusation of religiosity.

Let the following sink in for just a minute: Our local NYT affiliate has a policy of correcting false allegations of religiosity, but not false allegations of racism and anti-Semitism.

Of course, our local NYT affiliate doesn?t really assert that religiosity is worse than racism. They just like to defame conservatives, even if they are merely teenagers who have no way to defend their reputations.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.