Mike Adams

?Police officers -- police officers -- begging the president all across our country: Keep this ban in place so we don't have to walk into a drug bust staring the down the barrel of a military machine gun, of an Uzi or an AK-47.? - John Kerry, fully automatic liar.
?And so tomorrow, for the first time in 10 years, when a killer walks into a gun shop, when a terrorist goes to a gun show somewhere in America, when they want to purchase an AK-47 or some other military assault weapon, they're going to hear one word: Sure.? -
John Kerry,  lying about weapons of mass destruction.

Last week, I was asked to go on a radio show to debate the assault weapons ban, which was passed on September 13, 1994. My opponent was a former New York City police officer who wanted the ban to be renewed because he was opposed to the private ownership of fully automatic weapons.

When I informed the former officer that the bill had nothing to do with fully automatic weapons he indicated that he would re-read it and reconsider his position if he discovered that I was right. In other words, he was a reasonable man who knows that people sometimes make mistakes. He also has the maturity to change his position when he finds that he was mistaken or, more likely, misled about important facts.

But the good natured debate was ruined when an ?educator? decided to call in to the show to offer his opinion on the issue. The self-described high school counselor said that he didn?t want the ban to expire because he didn?t want people coming into his school shooting up the place with machine guns. Again, I corrected the error.

Unfortunately, the educator didn?t respond to my correction in the same fashion as the former officer. He said something like ?you think you?re better than me because you?re a college professor. Shame on you!? After his momentary hissy fit, he threw out a statistic (from God knows where) saying that 27 heads of law enforcement agencies supported renewing the ban.

The ?27 police chiefs? statistic was pretty easy to rebut, given that approximately 17,000 state and local law enforcement agencies report crime data to the FBI on a monthly basis. I simply asked him why more police chiefs didn?t support the ban. The ?educator? said that most of them didn?t have time to travel to Washington, DC. I didn?t understand what that was supposed to mean. I still don?t.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.