Mike Adams

These bushite war criminals will be hunted down to the ends of this World by US REAL Patriots, and made to give back every last cent that was criminally STOLEN in bush's evil name from the United States Working Class, and from the victimized Iraqi nation?

Go and get Your Self a loyal bushite enemy, for Thee America will stand strong
united against the truely Satanic bushite evil, or, will die?

TELL EVERYONE: A dime Johnny Wizard is paying for every bushite tagged and bagged?
The picture of the bushite soldier gleeing in the horrors of secretly committing rapes and murders in America's name, is the same illusion when the demon bush liar spews "his" America is bringing freedom to the Iraqi oil-rich nation by murdering, raping, and OPENLY pillaging as the godless evil war mongering anti-Christ?

Destroy the lawless demon anti-Christ won't you? as a big favor to Yourself and country?...


A hunting we shall go as one for the army of Justice and Freedom, true love and sweet understanding. Destined to destroy the unarrested godless demon bushite disciples. I shall never end until every bushite war mongering enemy is laid to rest in their early graves, as a testament to God's great love held dear in the hearts of every real brave warrior this entire Universe over. Join the battle to save you soul! Or don't?


Allawi must be tried, and executed in Baghdad for the mass murders he has accepted full responsibility for as self confessed enemy of Allah?

Bushites that object, should be tried, then executed joyously also, publicly for American TV entertainment purposes in New York City or perhaps Washington, just so they get our serious TRUE nature of my godly mission when it comes to fighting to free America from dying US as their ungodly cowardly innocent victims?

My days are almost entirely committed to hunting down demon bushite to the ends of this earth, that I love as never abandoned to be victimized further if I can help it as Father to Creation. To preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, we shall destroy enemy bushite freely by the score to reap some rewards. THINK! I ask you again: Who wouldn't kill the threatening to re-commit lawless bushite nazi savage rapists and torturers deemed "unaccountable" by bush the ungodly anti-Christ?. Bushites are enemies of Freedom and Justice, enemies of life in Nature, enemies of You, me, God, and everyone ?


Clearly, the way to promote tolerance and inclusiveness at UNC is through a simple two-step process; 1) freeze the private funds of orthodox Christian students and, 2) give public money to leftist groups who want to kill our troops and kill our president.

UNC Chapel Hill is about to be investigated by the Department of Education for the former. After this article is printed, they may be getting a call from the Secret Service, too.

Author?s Notes:

1. To be fair, not all of the posts call for the deaths of our troops and president. In fact, one post following the death of Pat Tillman labeled him as an "arogant [sic] baby killing bastard ... punk ... dumb ass LOSER!"

2. UNC Chapel Hill contributes $167,000 per year to this fund designed to promote ?open publishing? in an effort to prevent the media from being taken over by corporate interests.

3. The following is an excerpt from the Glossary of Campus Doublespeak at UNC Chapel Hill?

Hate speech-religiously based objections to homosexuality expressed by Christians. Such speech is not protected by the United States Constitution.

Love speech-speech advocating the murder of President Bush and American troops for the perceived benefit of mankind. Such speech is fully protected by the United Stated Constitution.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.