Mike Adams

Yesterday, I ran a polite article entitled, ?English for lesbians, feminists, queers, and communists.? The article began with a reference to a previous article that had offended a liberal reader. And now it appears that yesterday?s article has offended yet another liberal. In fact, it appears to have offended several liberals. Here?s what just one had to say after I wounded his inner child:

?Dr. Adams, I just read your article on Town Hall. You misled me. You gave a list of English faculty at Cornell with expertise in Marxism, and queer and feminist literature, but you didn?t mention others with expertise in Shakespeare. What a horrible article. Why didn?t you provide the full information to the readers??

Well, that one is pretty easy to answer. I gave the readers the link to www.cornell.edu, just two lines above the summary so they could check out the English Department for themselves. Read carefully, liberals!

And for all the other liberals who didn?t understand the point of the article, here it is in bold letters: English departments are becoming increasing politicized and, hence, increasingly irrelevant. If you wish to rebut the thesis, here?s that web address one more time: www.cornell.edu.

Of course, it would have been correct for me to mention in my article that there are three English professors at Cornell who claim expertise in William Shakespeare. But, of course, many of today?s English professors use Shakespeare only to talk about gay and trans-gendered issues. If you don?t believe me, pick up a copy of the Pelican Shakespeare version of ?As You Like It.? Just read the introduction and you will soon realize that expertise in Shakespeare isn?t all it used to be.

And of course, the real questions for my liberal readers follow: Why are there as many experts in Karl Marx as there are in William Shakespeare in the Cornell English department (three apiece)? And why are there eight experts in sexuality and homosexuality? Shouldn?t more professors take an interest in Shakespeare than in ?queer literature??

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.