Mike Adams
It is a pleasure to be here at North Carolina State University for the annual conference of the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy. I want to thank the John Locke Foundation ( www.johnlocke.org ) for sponsoring this event. I would also like to thank one of my fellow speakers for agreeing to discuss the issue of diversity among university faculty with regard to political affiliation.

Because I do not wish my speech to overlap with others, I will not mention the fact that there were no Republicans in UNC-Wilmington's Department of Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice when I joined them back in 1993. But since a previous speaker remarked that most university English Departments have only one token Republican faculty member, I must point out that such a policy is not in place at UNC-Wilmington where there are no Republicans to be found among 31 full-time professors.

I will, however, refrain from commenting on the fact that the Political Science Department at UNCW has no Republicans among their full-time faculty. Instead, I will ask you all to join me in a round of applause for the Political Science department right here at N.C. State. They have only 27 Democrats and are truly celebrating diversity by allowing one Republican to teach political science.

Since I don't have to talk about political affiliation, let me turn my attention to the manner in which the diversity movement began to stifle intellectual diversity by launching a number of "multicultural centers" and diversity centers" during the 1990s. My university is but one of many examples.

Many people supported the idea of initiating an African American Center and an Office of Campus Diversity on our campus in the 1990s. Part of the reason for that support was the long history of racism in the city of Wilmington, which some also believed was a part of the legacy of the university. Supporters also made frequent mention of the fact that only 6% of the student population was black. Unfortunately, after several years and over $1,000,000 spending by the Office of Campus Diversity, the black student population dropped to only 4%.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.