Michelle Singletary

Posted May 29, 2011

So many families have to figure out how to deal with much less. And in a recent online discussion, several readers asked for advice about their jobless situation.

Posted May 09, 2011

In her latest book, Roth provides an intimate look at how she found her way to a healthy relationship with money by using the skills she honed battling her compulsive eating.

Posted May 06, 2011

The GAO said the data it reviewed indicated that health insurance coverage denials, if appealed, are frequently reversed in the consumer's favor.

Posted May 05, 2011

It is unreasonable, in the midst of a housing crisis that has financially devastated hundreds of thousands of households, that we are taking away access to free or low-cost counseling that helps these families.

Posted May 01, 2011

In the big picture, Trump still lives lavishly, whether he's a multimillionaire or multibillionaire. But his filings may reveal he's like many Americans who live large because of their access to debt.

Posted April 30, 2011

The fact is, many class-action settlements still stink. What's fair about requiring consumers to spend more money to get compensation? If you've ever received one of these settlement offers, you know the answer.

Posted April 17, 2011

IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman sees a major technological change in the agency's future that could make it easier to deter tax cheats and immediately reject tax returns that don't match information in the agency's database.