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Ondrasik spoke frankly about anti-Americanism in Hollywood:

"To be honest with you, at times, I'm embarrassed to be part of this industry. There are people [who] do support the troops. A lot of them are under the radar. You don't hear a lot about them because they're going over to Iraq without a camera crew, and they're doing the right thing. Go down the line -- Gary Sinise, Kelsey Grammer, Patti Heaton, folks like that. But as an industry, I do think there's a lot of shame to be left at the doorstep of Hollywood. They make films that disparage the troops. Which is their right. Our troops are very stoic. They understand that. But they're human beings, too. And the art that comes out of Hollywood, the music, affects our perception in the world."

"People across the world are seeing films being made about troops that disparage them, and they're going to think, 'Hey, if they're saying that about themselves, it has to be true.' And I wouldn't be so bothered about it if there were the counterarguments -- you know, films basically showing the good side. You don't see that, and it's frustrating. I think it's to our detriment. And I think we pay a price for that ... I think people do take our troops for granted. They take our freedom for granted. I don't think we have the clarity we need as a country going forward."

Speaking as an American entertainer, Ondrasik talked about his duty to express gratitude for his country and those who defend it: "It is our job, our obligation. We can't pick up a gun, can't drive a tank or fly an aircraft, but I can write a song, and I can speak up, and I think it's important for people to do that."

Hear, hear. Happy 232nd birthday, America. For every blessing of liberty secured by our forefathers and defended by our men and women in uniform on the front lines, we thank you.

Michelle Malkin

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