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 The gang is also infamous for "green lighting" potential prosecution witnesses, including Brenda Paz -- an MS-13 member stabbed to death and dumped in the Shenandoah River in 2003 by gangsters while under federal protection as she prepared to testify against them.

 Federal prosecutors earned praise last week for dramatic raids and grand jury indictments against 19 alleged, suburban Washington-area MS-13 members accused of participating in the beating death of a man at a cemetery; a drive-by shooting that killed a boy; the kidnapping of two girls, one of whom was murdered; a daytime shooting at a high school; and stabbings and fatal shootings of rival gang members, according to The Washington Post. The feds are using racketeering laws to target the criminals.

 The Post editorial board lauded the move ("not a moment to soon," they opined), but using RICO laws against MS-13 is a rather convoluted solution to our underlying homeland security problems: unguarded borders, lack of illegal alien detention space, failure to track criminal illegal aliens, and a deportation system in shambles. On these matters, the Post -- like most mainstream media heavyweights and Beltway elites -- has little if anything to say.

 And here, as elsewhere, while politicians pay lip service to protecting the public, they look the other way as illegal alien gang members get driver's licenses, go to school (where they freely recruit new members), and congregate at taxpayer-subsidized illegal alien day labor centers -- where local police are discouraged from inquiring about immigration status or reporting suspected illegal aliens to the Department of Homeland Security.

 Immigration schizophrenia is lethal. It's spreading. And maybe, soon enough, coming to a Target near you.

Michelle Malkin

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