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 According to Fran Magbual, a family friend of the Cohens whom I interviewed this week from Hawaii, Marvin Montvel-Cohen was an art and anthropology professor at the University of Guam. Magbual's father also taught at that school. Cohen's deceased father "was a simple, nice man. Well respected," Magbual told me. Another old friend of the Cohens, Gail Stone, also knew Cohen's father in Guam, where she grew up. "I'm glad he's not alive to see this," Stone told me by phone from Hawaii. Stone lived next to an accountant who worked with Cohen the younger at a Guam publication called Latte Magazine. According to Stone, her neighbor was fired after calling attention to financial irregularities involving Cohen.

 Last week, I heard from another source in Hawaii -- a top executive at a large nonprofit in Honolulu who preferred to remain anonymous but wanted to send a strong message:

  "Thought you should know that Evan Cohen, believe it or not, has relocated to Hawaii and had been applying for Development Director positions at local nonprofits. I was involved as a part of an interview team in which we interviewed him a couple of months ago . . . Fortunately, we did some research on him, as he was (obviously) not honest in his resume, and eliminated him from the process. . . . Chances are, he has already moved out of the state."

 Al Franken, who specializes in blowing the whistle on "lies and the lying liars who tell them," could provide a helpful public service by passing this warning on to his vast audience of caring liberals. Cohen is out there somewhere. Both he and current Air America executives know a lot more about the liberal radio money pit than the public has been told -- and not just related to the victims at the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club.

 But don't worry, Al. We're on the trail.

 You can wake up now.

Michelle Malkin

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